It’s a quiet start to the week. But it was a big weekend for television. A couple of brief thoughts on things that I watched:

Amazing Stories - The show had huge buzz when the revival was announced, but it has been a really quiet launch. Which feels in step with what the show offered - there are so many anthology dramas right now doing interesting things that a really stale outing with a man travelling back in time 100 years and falling in love with a woman destined to die unless he saves her wasn’t really going to impress anyone.

Devs - So far this is my show of the year. A mini-series from Ex Machina writer/director Alex Garland, this is a luxuriously paced techno thriller that’s not all that different to Ex Machina in tone. It’s exclusive to FX On Hulu in the US and airs in Australia on Foxtel.

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Deep Waters - A Mark Ruffalo film playing in cinemas right now. It’s another entry in one of my favourite genres: Based on a true story, this is about a lawyer who gets involved in a lawsuit that seems to be beneath them, but quickly consumes their entire life. I love that genre and it’s a good example of one.


A live-action prequel series to Beauty and The Beast is in the works for Disney+ with the Once Upon a Time team of Kitsis and Horowitz working on it.

Unless the show details the early years of Angela Lansbury’s teapot character’s strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk I’m not interested.

Source: Deadline

The New York Times has a list of all of the already wealthy people being paid an obscene amount of money to make TV shows for Quibi.

You can check that out here: NYT

Meanwhile The AV Club doubles down on the Twitter joke that every Quibi show sounds like one of the fake shows mentioned on 30 Rock.

Oh, and if you hand over your email address on the Quibi website ahead of launch they’ll send you a 3-month free trial invite for its launch.
Read more: Uproxx

(I’d like to note that Quibi isn’t launching outside of the US at launch).

Despite Chris Yates giving Netflix comedy AJ and The Queen a sterling review on the most recent Always Be Watching Podcast, Netflix has decided to cancel it. Download next week’s episode (available wherever you like to listen to podcasts) to find out what show black widow Chris Yates has doomed next.

What’s next?