Groundhog Day co-star Stephen Tobolowsky has revealed that he has been approached to appear in a TV series sequel to the movie. He didn’t elaborate on any further detail beyond it being set 30 years after the original movie.

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Stephen Tobolowsky Reveals Groundhog Day Series in the Works

It is starting to feel like it might be time to return to the island. 16 years ago Lost debuted on TV and radically changed broadcast TV at the time. It was also the first US show (to my memory) that set an end date several seasons ahead and started working to tell a complete story.

But that wasn’t a creative decision that came easily. Damon Lindeloff gave an interview with Collider which outlined how that decision came to be. Some of this I have heard him talk about before. What I hadn’t heard before is that Lindeloff and co-showrunner Carlton Cuse were negotiating their exit due to the creative frustration of not having an ending.

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Lindeloff also explained how so much of the show was built working backwards to accommodate their vision for the final season. When I initially watched it, it felt like that final season was out of step with the direction the show had been growing towards. It would be interesting to go back and rewatch the show in full now, knowing where the series would eventually lead.

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Lost at 15: still groundbreaking TV - Vox

In the past fortnight a couple of studio-based US shows have returned to their studios (and not filmed remotely with hosts streaming from home). CBS This Morning being one of the most notable.

With that in mind, it is only a matter of time until we start seeing the late night show hosts return to their studios.

Conan O’Brien will be first. Only he isn’t going back to his studio. He’ll be recording from the Largo at The Coronet comedy club with a limited crew and no audience. I don’t quite understand why they aren’t just returning to his existing studio, but a side benefit of this is injecting some money into the otherwise dark Largo theatre. Source: Uproxx

Real Time with Bill Maher is on a summer hiatus, but will return at the end of July. His production team are working to getting him to return his show to their studio. Since April Maher has been recording the show from his home. Source: Deadline

Charlize Theron stars in new Netflix movie The Old Guard, which debuts on Netflix on July 10. The film is written by Greg Rucka (and based on his comic book of the same name) and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood (Before I Fall).

MTV might have lost Beavis and Butt-Head to corporate sister company Comedy Central, but it has retained cult cartoon Clone High, which is set to make a return as a reimagined series.

As per The AV Club:

It’s unclear how many episodes MTV is ordering, or when it might air. But the “updated version” of the series will continue to count Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and John F. Kennedy among its student body of cloned, horny historical figures.
A Clone High Reboot Is in the Works at MTV Studios

Caroline Framke at Variety has an interesting piece that I liked as it verbalised a lot of the thoughts I’ve had about the recent removal of episodes of 30 Rock, Community, The Golden Girls, and Scrubs that included scenes with blackface performances.

By removing episodes of TV shows that include blackface, TV distributors are also removing the reasons why these scenes happened to begin with.

Professor Racquel Gates  from CUNY:

“It’s a weird moment to be living in, as a society and also for me as a Black person” … “I’m being asked to play along with this ruse that white people and white companies weren’t aware of these things when they obviously have been. Whether they chose to care or not is a different matter.”

Just Remember This host Karina Longworth:

“Having a conversation about it has a better chance of allowing future generations of understanding what came before them and how to deal with things in a more thoughtful way.”

Source: Variety

30 rock blackface jenna

The Great has been renewed for a second season. Source: Deadline

Lesley Manville will play Princess Margaret in the fifth and final season of The Crown. Source: TV Guide

It’s not a huge surprise (considering Disney not only own Marvel, but now also own all of the Fox movie properties), but the Predator and Alien comic book licences have now both been taken from Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse had been printing the licensed comics since the 80s.

Source: IGN

Predator art by David Finch. (Image Credit: Marvel)

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