Has Netflix been avoiding paying tax internationally? The answer is yes, according to one watch group.

Tax Watch estimated that between $327.8M and $430M of profit from outside the U.S. was moved to low tax jurisdictions, such as the Netherlands, where Netflix operates a complex web of companies.

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The DC comics TV shows have been running a big crossover event that also included a lot of actors from other superhero shows and movies from the past 50+ years. The final episode of it aired yesterday and it included a very unexpected cameo. I won’t reveal what it was for anyone who is interested in such things, but it’s a pretty good one (but not overly amazing).

If you’re interested, check out this Variety article.

And speaking of the DC superhero shows… a new one has just been greenlit and I’m actually pretty into this. So expect me to be devastated later this year when I declare it no good.

Superman and Lois will go ahead at The CW. What I like about this show is that both  Elizabeth Tulloch and Tyler Hoechin who play the leads are in their 30’s - which is how old Superman and Lois should be. I was very concerned about them being 20-somethings.

Also greenlit is the Walker Texas Ranger reboot starring Jared Padalecki.

Source: Variety

Funny lads Tim & Eric, also known as Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, have a new sitcom coming soon to Adult Swim called Beef House. It will debut later this year.

Beef House will be about five men, one woman and one boy “living under one roof.” In each episode, “Tim, a laid-back rock-and-roll slacker, and his best friend Eric, a high-strung stay-at-home husband, find themselves in the middle of a madcap misadventure that can only be traversed with the help of their fellow Beef Boys.

I’m laughing already.

Source: Rolling Stone

Tim and Eric Beef House 9/10/19

Disney+ has a new TV show called Stargirl. It’s about an everyday teenage girl who is desperate to be seen as normal. It debuts March 13.

Oh, and also getting a trailer today: DC Universe/The CW also have a new TV show called Stargirl. This is about a teenage superhero. It is expected in 2020.

This newsletter is all about screen culture. So this story has zero relevancy at all. But… I reckon you might be interested regardless.

The Onion are launching a daily news podcast called The Topical - a parody of podcasts like The Daily.

the show is described as “the only podcast brave enough to ask: What if the news had sound effects?”

Source: Vulture

Beastie Boys Story is a doco from Spike Jonze that will be getting a release in IMAX theatres in the US… but will then head to Apple TV+ from April 24. Jonze is well known for directing the Beastie Boys music video for Sabotage. The doco is referred to as a “live documentary experience” - whatever that means.

Source: The AV Club

And finally…

Bojack Horseman Season 6 (Part B) now has a trailer. This final run of episodes will debut Jan 31 on Netflix (it’s a popular streaming service).