I am writing this email on Christmas morning, wondering two things:

  • Did I remember gifts for everyone?
  • Who checks their email on Christmas Day?

Today’s email is broken into two parts: Non-Christmas stuff and Christmas stuff. Navigate that however you so choose.

Non-Christmas Stuff

The gripes around Netflix funding indie movies continues. Today Owen Gleiberman from Variety has another piece that supposedly debunks the myths around Netflix supporting indies.

I wonder if there would be less griping if Netflix were better about supporting films like this on platform instead of just allowing them to drop into the sea of titles? Whenever I log in, I always find a low-profile show/film of limited zeitgeist-y importance. Why aren’t they featuring titles like Roma there? For the record, I just logged in to see Channel 4 series Derry Girls (re-badged as a Netflix Original).

What’s this? A trailer for the new season of my beloved show Catastrophe, courtesy of Rob Delaney’s Twitter feed:

The only thing that could be worse than this video Kevin Spacey made would be if he announced he was teaming up with OJ to find the real killers.

Radio Times has some new pictures from the upcoming second season of Killing Eve.

Zombie drama Z Nation has been cancelled.

Christmas stuffing

Indiewire has this list of Christmas movie suggestions for people who don’t much care for Christmas.

Whitney Matheson has her list of the best Christmas TV episodes from the 80s.

Why Netflix’s Christmas movies stand-out in an already crowded Christmas movie market.