Clearly Ben Affleck hasn't seen some of the great Netflix shows like Emily In Paris, because he has referred to Netflix's output as an "assembly line".

In fairness to the great Emily In Paris, Affleck was referring more to Netflix's movie output.

"If you ask Reed Hastings … I’m sure there’s some risk in that, and I’m sure they had a great strategy, but I would have said, ‘How are we going to make 50 great movies?! How is that possible? There’s no committee big enough. There aren’t enough — you just can’t do it. It’s a thing that requires attention and dedication and work and resists the assembly line process. Scott Stuber is a really talented, smart guy who I really like… but it’s an impossible job."

His comments were made at a media event to promote a new production company he has launched with Matt Damon to produce smart and accessible movies. They plan to produce up to 5 a year, with Affleck directing one next year about the formation of the Nike Air Jordan brand.

Ben Affleck Calls Netflix An “Assembly Line”, Says His And Matt Damon’s New Production Company To Blend “Quality” & “Commercial” Fare
Ben Affleck says his newly minted studio Artists Equity, in partnership with Matt Damon, is going for films that are commercial but smart, that acknowledge popular tastes, but that “people remember…
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Shrinking is the new comedy starring Jason Segel. It will debut on Apple TV+ Jan 27. Oh, and here's some fresh news: Harrison Ford is in the cast.

Emily In Paris returns for season 3 Dec 21 on Netflix.

South Side returns for season 3 on HBO Max Dec 8.

Cocaine Bear is a movie about a bear that inadvertantly does a whole lot of cocaine. It will be in cinemas in Feb.

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