There’s certainly a lot of things to watch this weekend.

Worth noting:

  • Cuties, the controversial film Netflix acquired, debuted during the week.
  • Also on Netflix is Julie & The Phantoms. Why is this teen film interesting? Think about it this way: Netflix’s biggest competition in streaming these days is Disney+. This film absolutely looks and feels like a Disney film for young teens. Expect to see Netflix invest more into animation. EP of the show is also Kenny Ortega, responsible for Disney hits like High School Musical and The Descendants.
  • Get Organized with The Home Edit is a spin-off from the Instagram feed The Home Edit. Apparently it’s a big deal.

Me? I’m working my way through 11 seasons of Cheers which just launched on streaming service Stan in Australia. This is a show that I have cherry picked episodes to watch over the years, but it has been a very long while since I’ve watched a lot of the episodes. And I’ll admit that I tend to lean more towards the earlier Diane years than the later Rebecca years of the show, so I’ve seen far fewer of those more than once.

I do contend that the show still holds up remarkably well for 2020 viewers. Yes, some of the Sam sexual dynamo jokes don’t play so well anymore, but beyond that, most of the gags are still great and the characters are all-timers.

[Hot tip: Watch the pilot episode and keep your eye out for an older lady in a wheelchair seen in the background of scenes. Her name is Mrs Littlefield and she was intended as a regular character. It was decided that her antagonistic character didn’t suit the show well, so they cut all of her lines and she remains a trivia footnote.]


Top Gear (s28), AP Bio (s3), LA’s Finest (s2)


Power Book 2: Ghost - Starz | Stan

Stars: Michael Rainey Jr., Shane Johnson, Lovell Adams-Gray
Power Book II: Ghost picks up shortly after the earth-shattering events of Power as Tariq St. Patrick grapples with a new world order: his father dead and his mother, Tasha, facing charges for the murder her son committed.

The Social Dilemma - Netflix

Stars: Skyler Gisondo, Kara Hayward, Vincent Kartheiser
Never before have a handful of tech designers had such control over the way billions of us think, act, and live. Silicon Valley insiders reveal how social media platforms are reprogramming society by exposing the other side of your screen.

Cuties - Netflix

Stars: Fathia Youssouf, Médina El Aidi-Azouni, Esther Gohourou
Amy, an 11-year-old girl, joins a group of dancers named "the cuties" at school, and rapidly grows aware of her burgeoning femininity - upsetting her mother and her values in the process.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen - Netflix

Stars: Bella Thorne, Leslie Bibb, Ken Marino
Two years after defeating a satanic cult led by his babysitter Bee, Cole once again has to outsmart the forces of evil when old enemies unexpectedly return.

Julie and The Phantoms - Netflix

Stars: Madison Reyes, Charlie Gillespie, Owen Joyner
Julie is a teenage girl who finds her passion for music and life with the help of a high -concept band of teen boys (The Phantoms) who have been dead for 25 years. Julie, in turn, helps them become the band they were never able to be.

Record of Youth - Netflix

Stars: Bo-Gum Park, Woo-Seok Byeon, Kwon Soo-Hyeon
This drama follows the lives of three people in today’s fashion industry. While dreams are a luxury not everyone can afford, this trio's youthful passion spurs them on to make them come true.

Get Organized with The Home Edit - Netflix

Stars: Clea Shearer, Joanna Teplin
Follows master organizers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin as they dramatically transform the lives of their clients by conquering clutter with their signature style.

The Gift - Netflix

Stars: Beren Saat, Mehmet Günsür, Metin Akdülger
Reckoning with a different world, Atiye races against time to realize her destiny as the mysterious syndicate behind Serdar threatens the future.

The Duchess - Netflix

Stars: Katherine Ryan, Max Fincham, Steen Raskopoulos, Nathan Clarke
A single mom tries to raise her daughter in London while wondering if she should have another kid.

Family Business - Netflix

Stars: Jonathan Cohen, Gérard Darmon, Julia Piaton
Learning that cannabis will be legalized, Joseph, a failed entrepreneur, decides to transform, with the help of his family and friends, the kosher butcher shop of his father and open the first marijuana coffeeshop in France.

Unpregnant - HBO Max

Stars: Sugar Lyn Beard, Giancarlo Esposito, Haley Lu Richardson
A 17-year old Missouri teen named Veronica discovers she has gotten pregnant, a development that threatens to end her dreams of matriculating at an Ivy League college, and the career that will follow.

Madagascar: A Little Wild - Hulu | Peacock | Stan

Stars: Shaylin Becton, Tucker Chandler, Luke Lowe
The early years of the Madagascar heroes Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo, as they grow up in a rescue habitat at the Central Park Zoo.

Black Boys - Peacock

Stars: Carmelo Anthony, Cris Carter, Harry Edwards
BLACK BOYS illuminates the spectrum of black male humanity in America. An intimate, inter-generational exploration, BLACK BOYS strives for insight to black identity and opportunity at the nexus of sports, education and criminal justice.

Enjoy your weekend. Let’s be careful out there.