Another week of rather strong titles. What you need to know:

The Time Traveler's Wife is for the most part charming enough, but is let down by its direction and has a really big hurdle with a plot element that has a strong degree of child grooming in it (it's not exactly sexual, but it is about emotional manipulation). You may or may not like it, but it's worth pressing play and giving it a look. There's an ABW review for it:

Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife
A mostly delightful and lovely romcom with a poisonous, creepy plot element that threatens to upset the whole show.

It appears I'm one of the few critics who was perfectly fine with Conversations With Friends. It's best going into it not having Normal People-sized expectations.

Angelyne, a limited drama series about the LA billboard icon, is okay at best. I had high hopes going into it, but the show is really just watchable at best. It aspires for the heights of Pam & Tommy, but, if anything, only really ever mimics the disappointing back third of Pam & Tommy (it's not as oddball or over the top as it should have aspired to be).

Now & Then on Apple TV+. You may watch it, but good luck remembering any of it five minutes later. Very disposable, forgettable TV. Your attention is better served elsewhere.

Night Sky, with JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek, is probably the best of any of the new series this week, but it won't be for everyone. It is deeply relatable and human in its approach to a high-concept conceit (which is welcome), but it's maybe 10% slower in pace than it should be.

If you grew up ever watching Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers, that's probably the highlight of the week as I understand it. I haven't pressed play yet on this Disney+ film, but plan to over the weekend. Reviews have been favourable for it.


Love, Death + Robots (s03), My Next Guest Needs No Introduction (s04)


The Time Traveler's Wife - HBO Max (US) | Binge (AUS)

Stars: Rose Leslie, Theo James
Henry is an ordinary man with an extraordinary gift, a gene that allows him to travel through time involuntarily. Claire, his wife, finds it difficult to cope with his ability.

Conversations With Friends - Hulu (US) | Amazon Prime Video (International)

Stars: Jemima Kirke, Joe Alwyn, Sasha Lane, Alison Oliver
In the summer before their final year in college, Frances and her best friend, Bobbi, meet an impressive writer, Melissa. Frances finds herself drawn to Melissa's husband, Nick.

Angelyne - Peacock (US) | Stan (AUS)

Stars: Emmy Rossum, Hamish Linklater
A limited series about the mysterious blonde bombshell who takes over Los Angeles billboards in the mid-1980s, planting the seed for famous-for-being-famous influencer culture. Loosely inspired by the 2017 Hollywood Reporter article that revealed Angelyne's secret past as a Polish-born daughter of Holocaust survivors, the story focuses on fame and the elusive nature of truth itself.

Now & Then - Apple TV+

Stars: Rosie Perez, Zelijko Ivanek
A multi-layered thriller that explores the differences between youthful aspirations and the reality of adulthood, when the lives of a group of college friends are forever changed after a celebratory weekend ends up with one of them dead.

Night Sky - Amazon Prime Video

Stars: JK Simmons, Sissy Spacek
Irene and Franklin York have kept secret a chamber that leads to a deserted planet, but the arrival of an enigmatic young man upends their quiet existence.

Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers - Disney+

Stars: John Mulaney, Andy Samberg, JK Simmons
Thirty years after their popular television show ended, chipmunks Chip and Dale live very different lives. When a cast member from the original series mysteriously disappears, the pair must reunite to save their friend.

Folks, have a great weekend. Stay safe. If you're in Australia, remember to vote.