Three big titles dominating this week. And none of them are streaming on Netflix, which is kind-of unusual.

Succession is back for its third season opener. I've admittedly held back from watching it just yet as I would like to go back and re-watch the first two seasons and I planned my schedule poorly for this. I'll catch up to y'all within the next week or so.

US viewers have the opportunity to stream Dune at home, or watch it at the cinema. It's a contentious release with the filmmakers against the day and date release on HBO Max. While it is preferable to see this on the big screen, I absolutely understand why folks might prefer to avoid the cinema altogether right now. Hollywood will be watching this one - it's big, shiny IP that could go on to drive multiple sequels and spin-offs. But will the HBO Max of it all damage box office so much that it'll dampen the likelihood for more?

And then there is the Apple TV+ series Invasion. It is a War of The Worlds-esque alien invasion story that puts the human drama at the forefront as everyday people from around the world deal with this reality changing event. While the show looks gorgeous and the framework for the show is a good one, the human drama is a little lacklustre and too flat to sustain much interest. I was on board by the end of episode one - but by episode three I was perfectly happy for the aliens to do what they wanted with humanity.


Succession (s04), Fear The Walking Dead (s07), Shetland (s06), Hightown (s02), The Blacklist (s09), Locke and Key (s02)



Stars: Sam Neil, Firass Nassar, Golshifteh Farahani
Earth is visited by an alien species that threatens humanity's existence. Events unfold in real time through the eyes of five ordinary people across the globe as they struggle to make sense of the chaos unraveling around them.

Dune - HBO Max

Stars: Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya
Feature adaptation of Frank Herbert's science fiction novel, about the son of a noble family entrusted with the protection of the most valuable asset and most vital element in the galaxy.


Stars: Precious Way, Eve, Naturi Naughton
Follows four women, estranged and out-of-touch, in their 40s reunite for a chance to recapture their fame and regain the swagger they had as the Nasty Bitches - their '90s group that made them legends in the hip-hop world.


Stars: Stefanie Scott, Sofia Bryant, Misha Osherovich
Set in the Pacific Northwest, follows Carrie's escape from her mysterious, cult-like colony that guards the world from monsters hidden behind a secret door within the woods.

INSIDE JOB - Netflix

Stars: Will Blagrove, Lizzy Caplan, Christian Slater
For employees of the Deep State, conspiracies aren't just theories they're fact. And keeping them a secret is a full-time job.

Sex Love & GOOP - Netflix

Move over love language. What's your erotic blueprint? Sex, Love & goop follows courageous, real couples as they work with sex experts to explore their bodies and learn methods to enhance their relationships.

Let's be careful out there.