Oh gosh. Where to begin with this week? The EXPLOSION of TV shows across the next 4 weeks is crazy bananas. Not only is there a lot of new TV, but so much of it is incredibly good.

Elisabeth Moss in Shining Girls is really rather good. Largely off the strength of the performance of Moss in the show, but if you want a weirdo twist on the dark serial killer thrillers of the 90s, this is the show for you.

I rather liked We Own This City, the new HBO drama from David Simon and his creative team from The Wire. It's a limited true crime series with some great performances in it. The standout for me is Josh Charles who is the least Josh Charles you've seen Josh Charles be.

Gaslit as well is rather great - a bit of an expected by the book series based on a real life historical incident (the Watergate scandal), but it is really strong, good TV.

Lots of you will have been excited by the return of HBO's Barry. And a smaller number of you will have been happy to see Made For Love return. But the quiet returning gem you should be paying attention to is the series return of Undone. It has been too many years since the first season, but the show is an incredible rotoscoped animated show (ie they film real actors performing and animate them). The show is this fantastic exploration of a womans mental health, switching between reality, thought, dream, and ahem other realms. I haven't yet had enough of a quiet moment to watch the second season, but the first season will forever remain with me. It's a really special series.


Barry (s03), Noughts + Crosses (s02), Made For Love (s02), Undone (s02)


Shining Girls - Apple TV+

Stars: Elisabeth Moss, Jamie Bell, Wagner Moura, Amy Brenneman
Newspaper archivist Kirby Mazrachi's dreams of becoming a journalist are put on hold after she survives a brutal attack that leaves her in a constantly shifting reality.

We Own This City - HBO Max | Binge

Stars: Jon Bernthal, Josh Charles, Jamie Hector
The Baltimore Police Department's Gun Trace Task Force attempts to fulfil its duty while navigating through the city's corruption.

Gaslit - Starz | Stan

Stars: Julia Roberts, Dan Stevens, Betty Gilpin, Gumby, Shea Wigham
A modern take on the 1970s political Watergate scandal centreing on untold stories and forgotten characters of the time.

Billy The Kid - Epix | Stan

Stars: Tom Blyth
The life of Billy the Kid from his humble roots to his days as a gunslinger in the American frontier.

The Man Who Fell To Earth - Paramount+

Stars: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Naomie Harris, Bill Nighy
An alien arrives on Earth at a turning point in human evolution and must learn what it means to become human, even as he fights for the survival of his species.

The Baby - HBO Max | Binge

Stars: Michelle de Swarte
Natasha is furious that her closest friends are all having babies, but her life implodes when she unexpectedly ends up with a baby of her own. Controlling, manipulative, but incredibly cute, the baby twists Natasha's life into a surreal horror show. She soon discovers the true extent of the baby's deadly nature and makes increasingly desperate attempts to get rid of it. Making things creepier is Mrs. Eaves, the 70-year-old enigma who has spent the last 50 years living out of her car and seems to be everywhere the baby is. Natasha doesn't want a baby, but the baby definitely wants her.

Ten Percent - Amazon Prime Video

Stars: Jack Davenport, Lydia Leonard
In London's high-pressure entertainment scene, the Nightingale Hart talent agency is among the best in its class. However, after the unexpected departure of the agency's founder, the office is thrust into chaos.

Under The Banner of Heaven - Hulu/FX

Stars: Andrew Garfield, Daisy Edgar-Jones
As Detective Jeb Pyre investigates the murder of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her baby daughter in a suburb in the Salt Lake Valley, he uncovers buried truths about the origins of the LDS religion and the violent consequences of unyielding faith.

Bang Bang Baby - Amazon Prime Video

Stars: Denise Capezza
Alice is a teenage girl who finds herself involved in the Milan's criminal underbelly for the love of her father. To cope, Alice will use her imagination, influenced by music, TV and pop culture of her time: the 80s.

The 7 Lives of Lea - Netflix

Stars: Raika Hazanavicus
After finding a young man’s remains, Léa wakes up in the 90s and body swaps seven times as she tries to solve the mystery of his death — and prevent it.

Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles - Netflix

Stars: Yuki Matsuzaki
Teenage Rabbit Samurai Yuichi, a descendant of the great warrior Miyamoto Usagi, embarks on an epic quest to become a true samurai.

That's it for this week. If you're lacking for something to watch this week, my jaw will hit the ground. Have a great time on the couch.