Let's be frank - there's not a whole lot worthy of your attention this week. Dave Chappelle fans will want to check out his new Netflix special. Madonna fans will want to check out her new Paramount+ concert special Madame X. And Pretty Smart on Netflix - I hope after watching that trailer there's no one wanting to check that out.

Probably the best thing debuting this weekend is Apple TV+ series Acapulco. It is charming enough for the most part - an 80s flashback comedy about a poor twentysomething heart-on-his-sleeve-type-of-guy working at a holiday resort. That is all very watchable, even if it is a little lacking in bite. The problem with the show is that it is bookended with scenes in the modern day with an older version of the character, now a billionaire, telling his nephew about where he started to find success in life. Those scenes are all just awful.  

Let's talk about Pretty Smart for a moment - you couldn't create a more typical American sitcom if you tried. Based on the trailer alone, it seems like a mix of 80s sitcom My Sister Sam mixed in with every teen sitcom made in the 90s (Saved By The Bell has a lot to answer for). It's just horrendous-looking in every way.

Out of curiosity, when in the development process did the Netflix exec who commissioned this settle back in their comfy office chair and say to himself: "Giuseppe, you brilliant bastard - you've finally delivered Netflix its The Office/Friends"?

Pretty Smart - don't you just want to slap all of them?

There's also One Of Us Is Lying - if you want a second tier Gossip Girl wannabe, this show will scratch that itch for you really nicely. It's not my bag at all, but it'll resonate with certain viewers who are not me.

One Of Us Is Lying - these guys are all really cool.


The Walking Dead: World Beyond (s02), On My Block (s04), Young Sheldon (s05), United States of Al (s02), Bull (s06), Nancy Drew (s03), Brassic (s03), Sexy Beasts (s02)


Acapulco - Apple TV+

Stars: Enrique Arrizon, Eugenio Derbez
A young Mexican man's dream comes true when he gets the job of a lifetime at the hottest resort in Acapulco. But he soon realizes the job is far more complicated than he ever imagined.

Pretty Smart - Netflix

Stars: Cinthya Carmona, Olivia Macklin, Emily Osment
Book-smart Chelsea discovers she has a lot to learn about happiness after moving in with her bubbly sister and three roommates.

A Tale Dark & Grimm - Netflix

Stars: Raini Rodriguez, Andre Robinson, Scott Adsit
Hansel and Gretel stumble upon other stories fairy tales written by the Brothers Grimm.

Dave Chappelle: The Closer - Netflix

Stars: Dave Chappelle
Dave stands on a stage and says some funny things. That's usually how these things go...

One Of Us Is Lying - Peacock | Stan

Stars: Barrett Carnahan, Annalisa Cochrane, Melissa Collazo
A brain, an athlete, a princess, a criminal, and a "basket case" walk into detention - but only the first four make it out alive.

CSI: Vegas - Paramount+ (US)

Stars: William Petersen, Jorja Fox, Paula Newsome
Facing an existential threat that could bring down the Crime Lab, a brilliant team of forensic investigators must welcome back old friends and deploy new techniques to preserve and serve justice in Sin City.

Ghosts - Paramount+

Stars: Rose McIver, Richie Moriarty, Utkarsh Ambudkar
A young couple, whose dreams come true when they inherit a beautiful country house, only to find it's both falling apart and inhabited by many of the deceased previous residents.

Madame X - Paramount+

Stars: Madonna
Madonna stands on a stage and does some sexy things and sings some sexy songs. That's usually how these things go...

Muppets Haunted Mansion - Disney+

Stars: Will Arnett, Danny Trejo, Chrissy Metz
On Halloween night, Gonzo is challenged to spend one night in The Haunted Mansion.

Ridley Road - BBC1

Stars: Agnes O'Casey, Rory Kinnear, Eddie Marsan
When Vivien Epstein follows her lover into danger and he is caught between life and death, Vivien finds herself going undercover with the fascists, not only for him but for the sake of her country.

That's it for another week - let's be careful out there.