A 24/7 free streaming service delivering you all the Hollywood news and entertainment you crave? CBS, through its Entertainment Tonight brand, is launching ET Live.

The service will be available through CBS’ existing platforms: CBSN (it’s 24/7 streaming news service) and its subscription TV CBS All Access.

CBS executives told Deadline in interviews that many stories lend themselves to a co-ordinated approach blending the news, sports and entertainment teams that now have distinct streaming homes. A news story such as Demi Lovato’s recent overdose, for example, could receive coverage on CBSN, but featuring ET Live talent.

It’s a shame the service won’t feature former ET host Mary Hart and her voice 24/7…

Speaking of CBS, the CBS-owned Australian TV network Ten last night held its Upfronts, with news on the Aussie launch of CBS All Access, rebranded as 10 All Access.

Details were light on it, with the network not revealing price or it’s launch date, nor was much revealed about its content. What we do know is:

10 All Access will offer more than 7,000 commercial-free episodes across platforms at launch. This will include the debut of three exciting CBS All Access original series in Australia – Tell Me A Story, One Dollar and Strange Angel – as well as the first season of CBS All Access’s The Good Fight.


In addition, 10 All Access’s library will include current shows, past seasons and classic TV hits from Network 10 and CBS such as CBS hits like The Good Wife, NCIS, Frasier, Cheers andSurvivor, as well as Australian favourites like Neighbours, The Bachelor Australia, The Bachelorette Australia, The Living Room and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Launching with Tell Me a Story, One Dollar, and Strange Angel was expected. 10 All Access won’t have Star Trek Discovery, with that series licensed to Netflix.

The questions I have about the platform (beyond price - I’m tipping $5.99 per month) and launch date (I would assume it’ll be in that first week of December):

  • Will it offer the upcoming CBS All Access Twilight Zone series?
  • With Netflix opting not to buy the Short Treks spin-off from Discovery, will they appear on the platform?
  • Will 10 All Access provide fast-tracking of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert?
  • Will 10 All Access also integrate CBSN and the new ET Live service into the platform?

Mostly, I’m just happy that Cheers will be available on demand anytime.

The upcoming Disney streaming service will have yet another series based on the Marvel films, this time a team-up starring The Winter Soldier and Falcon. This will be a limited series and not an ongoing, which I think is a smart move. For these big-branded streaming services, it makes sense to me that they will want a number of event series rather than just ongoings - this certainly feels like something they could return to every couple of years, or possibly even teaming these characters up with others.

It also seems like Marvel are doing all of this through their Movies division, bypassing the established TV-arm of the business. Quality control?

Unlike other Marvel shows like “Daredevil” and “The Punisher,” the series on the Disney streaming service will be produced by Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige, who has headed up the MCU for years. The shows are also expected to have large budgets compared to other television projects.

Leeds will become home to the new headquarters of the UK’s Channel 4.

The new HQ will be home to around 200 of Channel 4’s current staff of around 820 when the broadcaster’s regional expansion becomes fully operational in five years’ time.

The new Yorkshire offices will regularly host executive and board meetings and will be home to a “digital creative unit” tasked with making material for online platforms and social media.

Bristol and Glasgow will also serve as the location for new ‘creative hubs’, housing around 50 commissioning staff each.

Speaking of new facilities, Facebook are looking to build two new offices which will house the Facebook Reality Labs teams, indicating that they’re looking to go bigger into AR and VR.

The new Game of Thrones prequel will be named The Long Night. In addition to Naomi Watts, actor Josh Whitehouse has been confirmed as a series lead.

Actor Jesse L Martin has hurt his back and will be taking leave from The Flash.

Interesting timing this week with The Conners using its Halloween episode to wade into the conversation about the appropriateness of costumes in relation to the race of the person wearing it.

And finally…

The Hollywood Reporter has an interesting, in-depth profile on new Vice CEO Nancy Dubuc. Included in the article is an amusing anecdote about Dubuc committing the cardinal sin of sending an all-staff email written in the Comic Sans font. On a TV front, the article suggests that the weekly Vice HBO news show is likely to come to an end and that VICELAND in the US will launch a live two-hour studio-based show that would go out weekly.

…one manifestation of her strategy is Viceland Live, a mix of commentary, guest interviews and prepackaged segments that will tape in front of an intimate studio audience each night from Vice HQ in Brooklyn. The show is expected to cover everything from "Kavanaugh to Cardi B," says Viceland development exec Nomi Ernst Leidner. The hope is that the live show will give the network's viewers (median age 45) a reason to tune in each night.