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- Dan Barrett, TV-watchin’ guy

TV legend Bill Daily, best known as Capt/Major Healey on I Dream of Jeannie and as Bob Newhart’s neighbour Howard in The Bob Newhart Show, has passed away aged 91. Daily was tremendously funny on both shows and it was genuinely sad to hear the news - even if 91 is a heck of a run.

The Creative Arts Emmy Awards were held over the weekend. Because you’re desperate to know who won Outstanding Hairstyling For A Limited Series Or Movie, you’ll be happy to know The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story  won and that all of the winners are listed over at Vulture.

We’ve known CBS All Access was launching in Australia soon, but it’s confirmed now that it will be branded after local broadcaster Ten as Ten All Access. Expect it possibly in November, but most likely in December.

Entertainment Weekly has a very short teaser trailer for its new Julia Roberts series Homecoming. The teaser is short, so don’t expect it to give away much more than just the tone of the new show.

It was the best show in 2017 as far as I was concerned and it is back this week for its second season. HBO’s The Deuce returns with a 4-year time jump, which means it shouldn’t require too much thought on what happened last season to dive right into season 2. Matt Zoller-Seitz has a great review at Vulture.

I spent most of this weekend wandering the streets of New York dressed as Spider-Man… in the new video game Spider-Man. The game is incredibly impressive, but it’s the little details that have thrilled gamers everywhere - like how sometimes Spidey grunts, but other times he doesn’t grunt. The game also features the world’s saddest easter egg.

The New York Times has discovered the Aussie Guy Pearce series Jack Irish. They like it.

I’m not one for sports, but my understanding is that there is skill involved, whether that is kicking or hitting a ball, or driving a high performance vehicle like a sports car. So, why not competitive drone racing? It seems very TV-friendly.

If you’re anything like me, you have been feeling adrift for the past 11 years after seeing Bee Movie, trapped with the burning question: What is life really like as a bee? Wonder no longer with the upcoming release of the game Bee Simulator.

It’s the dawn of a brand new TV development season, which means it’s yet another year where they are talking about bringing Nancy Drew back to TV. This time, it’s the team behind The OC and Runaways and they want to make it just like Riverdale.