No one knows what’s happening with the TV series at this point, but the musical based on Transparent may be on its way to Amazon soon.

Lionsgate are shopping Bojack Horseman around to international buyers. They’re at international TV trade show Mipcom right now where they are offering the first 3 seasons in 11 different dubbed languages.

I had (yet another) weekend of feeling tremendously unwell, so spent much of it just watching sitcoms and low-investment dramas. So, when it came to watching The Haunting of Hill House, it wasn’t a high priority. But, watch it I did and I fell for its very quiet charms. I couldn’t watch past the first episode, but I’m going to be watching it throughout the week. Here’s a solid review from Vox.

The Wu-Tang Clan are coming to Hulu.

Netflix cancelled its Marvel series Iron Fist. No reason given, but it’s likely a combination of low completion rates for the series and a lack of interest in maintaining a less-successful Marvel project when corporate-owner Disney will be launching a competing streaming service within the next 12 months.

Interested in watching four TV channels at once? As Springsteen once sang, there are 57 Channels and nothings on. But that isn’t going to stop AT&T who have big plans for the Augmented Reality platform Magic Leap.

And finally…

I love going to the movies. Sitting in a cinema in front of that huge screen is a joy, but the experience of going to the movies is terrible - especially with the home entertainment experience so good nowadays. But persist with cinemas I do. Every Saturday morning I go and see a movie - usually in a near-empty cinema.

So, I was fascinated with Event Cinemas here in Sydney launching a 4DX cinema. This is a cinema with interactive elements like water being sprayed at audiences and automated chairs that enhance action on screen. And the results were actually surprisingly good. I wrote up an article about it for the SBS Movies site.