Good morning watchers!

I’m just a boy standing in front of a girl asking her why we’re all watching so many romcoms on Netflix.

Over the US summer, Netflix launched its ‘Summer of Love’ with nine rom-coms launched on the service. The streamer reports 80 million people watched the films. At Netflix scale that doesn’t sound entirely huge, but it actually is. Consider this: If these were all movies released into cinemas, we’re looking at nine films making over $100 million dollars at the box office.

Rom-coms have mostly died off at the cinema, but this proves that there’s a hunger for them. But, if people are getting their rom-com fix via Netflix now, does it kill the desire to go to the cinema to watch one?

Orange Is The New Black is coming to an end with season 7. I tapped out of the show after its second season and am routinely surprised to see that it is still around. But, at 7 seasons, I believe this is Netflix’s longest-running scripted series.

Meanwhile, TVLine is stirring up trouble with this suggestion that Fuller House’s fourth season may be its last.

Netflix has season 4 of Narcos soon. Here’s the new trailer:

Apparently when Sony bought anime streamer Funimation a year ago, they had plans to scale it up to become a global player. A big step in achieving that was ending its deal to share content with Crunchyroll, which was announced today:

Our goal has always been to improve the fan experience and expand the reach of anime. We exceeded our goals in the past couple of years and have established ourselves as the anime industry’s most advanced streaming platform, expanded our global footprint, and accelerated our dub speed to market for new episodes coming out of Japan. While our partnership with Crunchyroll is ending, we are excited about the future, the support of Sony Pictures Television and their commitment, alongside ours, to build the best experience for anime fans globally.

Speaking of anime…

Location-based VR experiences appear to be becoming a thing in Japan where a VR experience based on the anime Attack On Titan has just launched. The experience will support up to four players as they battle against the Female Titan and is based on a chapter from the original manga.

Oh, and there is a Godzilla experience coming too, which looks like monster fun. Get it, I said ‘monster fun’… because Godzilla….


It seems that every year or so lately, US broadcast TV networks commission a big, broad sci-fi series that is clearly hoping to become the next Lost. None of them ever last past a full season. But we all have fond memories of The Event, Flash Forward, and the others that gave it a red-hot go.

This years attempt, Manifest, has just been given a full-season order. It’s about a plane that arrives five years after it was supposed to, with none of the passengers aware of the passage of time. Which is weird as I am always very aware of when my plane is going to be even five minutes late.

Slightly off-topic, but it is a terrible idea watching a movie on what you know is too short a flight. I have 30 minutes left on Heist that I was watching on Qantas’ on-board entertainment system. Now I need to track the movie down on my own time to see the end.

And finally…

It’s-a-me! Zombie Mario!

It appears that the scariest thing about this iconic plumber is no longer how much he invoices you for, with a zombie costume now added in Mario Odyssey.