Yeah, sure, the audience for the TV show in the US has almost dropped by half since its peak a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean it can’t continue to be wildly profitable. AMC are looking to expand the Walking Dead intellectual property and turn it into their own Star Wars-esque multi-media cash cow that will serve them well for decades to come.

What I think is interesting about the story is this: Apparently AMC are looking to figure out whether its cable TV network is the right place to grow the franchise, or whether they’d be better partnering with a global streaming player like Netflix or Amazon to make its dreams a reality. Is that the future for US cable networks? Essentially working like comic book companies do now: make a small profit while serving as IP farms to spin off into the global market?

It’s not just The Walking Dead potentially being spun off into movies. A film continuation of Downton Abbey will be in theatres next year.

Like me, are you interested in reading a lengthy interview with Chevy Chase as he shits on the present and past SNL cast, while also wondering why job opportunities are drying up for him? Well, today is your lucky day.

There was some disturbing commentary about Toad from Super Mario Brothers yesterday. I don’t feel comfortable discussing it in this newsletter, but I’m more than willing to discuss it in deep detail with anyone interested. Please raise it as a topic of conversation with me. Please.

Anyway, the US late night hosts went crazy over this yesterday. Here’s Seth Meyer’s take:

Finally, my childhood has come roaring back to life with Nintendo’s NES Classic and a year later with the SNES Classic. Now Sony want to get in on the nostalgia trip by selling its own $100 version of its classic Playstation 1 console.