The surprising, but not really surprising, news of the weekend was the cancellation of Marvel’s Netflix series Luke Cage. My presumption is that the show had too high a license fee and completion rates that were lower than desired.

Season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm is now shooting. I’ll resist saying the news is “pretty pretty good”. I’m better than that.

Apparently US network TBS has been speeding up library titles on its airwaves, including Seinfeld. A 22 minute episode now runs at 20 minutes. Former sitcom writer Ken Levine has noticed and is very much unimpressed.

George Lucas visited the set of the new live-action Star Wars TV series. I assume to give Jon Favreau advice based on  everything he learned from making The Young Indiana Jones series.

And finally…

Australian TV fans will fondly(?) recall the 90s factual series Sex. has this oral history of the show.

I’m almost certain that’s the phrase I want to be using.