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And enough of the hard sell. It’s unbecoming…

HBO is changing the way that we are watching sex on screen. It’s no surprise that the sexual content on HBO is much higher than most other TV services and they’re being adults about it. Starting it initially with season 2 of The Deuce, HBO now hire an Intimacy Coordinator to work with actors on HBO sets who are filming sex scenes. The coordinator will also work on the upcoming Watchmen and Deadwood productions.

Part of the problem was that she sometimes felt so alone. When she had misgivings about a scene, was uncomfortable or cold, or felt too naked — physically or emotionally — in between takes, it was always up to her to say so, right there in front of everyone. Like many actors, she didn’t want to disappoint the people she worked with or to seem like she was complaining. Over the years, she’d often resigned herself to taking the path of least resistance, even if it took a toll on her.

Indiewire has this very strong review of The Bodyguard, the BBC drama that has just debuted on Netflix and will be the talk of everyone this weekend who isn’t watching Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

Emmy winner The Marvelous Mrs Maisel returns to Amazon on 5 December. Here’s the season 2 trailer:

Fox News has issued a statement of support for CNN, which was today the subject or a terror threat. Ironic considering how much anti-CNN sentiment Fox News has broadcast.

NBC News has today announced NBC Signal, an online streaming news service that is modeled somewhat on CBSN. It’s an incredibly soft-launch.

Facebook are rolling out music onto its service today, allowing users to add songs to their news feed, along with lip syncing. It sounds similar to the teen-focused app Music.ly.

If you’re anything like my wife, you spend every waking moment wondering what I am watching on my Oculus Go headset. I’m positive this is true. Now, just like Mrs Always Be Watching, you can now watch your partners/friends/housemates in-headset experience with the introduction of screen mirroring.

There are plenty of movies on Netflix. But it feels like Netflix have a bona fide movie launching on its service now with Sandra Bullock’s new film Bird Box launching on platform 21 December. It would be interesting to see the service attempt a Boxing Day release.

And finally…

The final season of Anthony Bourdain’s travelogue Parts Unknown has been difficult to watch following his recent death. In the final episode, he visited New York’s Lower East Side, which seems fitting. At the end of a recent episode in which he visited Kenya, Bourdain remarked:

Look, I will tell you, after 17 fucking years, and as soon as the cameras turn off, and the crew will be sitting around and we’re having a cocktail, I fucking pinch myself because I cannot fucking believe that I get to see this or do this.