One of the coolest things I have bought in the past year has been my Oculus Go headset. Requiring no cables connected to a computer, or the need to shove a phone into a headset, it is a really elegant way to experience VR. Gaming isn’t its strength as it is just too low powered, but I’ve seen a bunch of amazing things with it.

They’re lifting their game in 2019 with the new Oculus Quest, which brings head and hand-tracking to the device, making it a much better gaming experience. VR is getting much closer to being ready for the mainstream.

Oh, and there’s a big new Star Wars series to help encourage interest. Vader Immortal launches in 2019.

And speaking of Star Wars, Mark Hamill is joining the cast of Knightfall with its second season. Apparently he’s playing Talus, “an initiate master responsible for training new members of the Knights Templar, a devout Christian military order that protects travelers to the Holy Land. He’s tough, wise, hardened and deeply faithful after spending 10 years as a tortured POW captured during a Crusade”.

I’m sure I won’t be alone in having a mini-thrill when he is first shown picking up a sword…

It’s a death watch for the ABC Chairman Justin Milne. Will he make it through the day?

CollegeHumor are launching a subscription video comedy service. Good luck with that, CollegeHumor.

BBC2 is having an on-air brand identity refresh with a whole lot more colour.

What Spider-Man on PS4 got right and wrong about New York City:

I’ve been watching a number of old Murphy Brown episodes in anticipation of the new series. Mostly so I can get a feel for the rhythms of the old show a bit more. Mostly, I’ve found that it wasn’t actually very good. The jokes are all a bit flat and it just kind of sits there on the screen. But, I like the cast and the character of Murphy makes it worthwhile.

So, I’m curious about the new 2018 Murphy Brown show launching today in the US. Indiewire has been very complimentary:

It may be a sitcom shot weeks in advance, Murphy and her team very much live in our world. (Fun fact: Apparently, you can say the word “cuck” on CBS.) Episode 2 of the revival, “I (Don’t) Heart Huckabee,” goes so far as to incorporate footage of Sarah Huckabee Sanders from her press briefings, with a Sanders impersonator delivering some lines off-screen. (The show might be pressing its luck here; the episode is set to air Oct. 4, so if Sanders experiences the same sort of job turnover endemic to this White House, they’ll have to do some significant rewriting.)


Curious about how they wrote Clayne Crawford out of Lethal Weapon? Apparently they killed Riggs off. Joining the show now is Stiffler (real name never learned) as Riggs brother. Also named Riggs.