The TV series Lethal Weapon really is the show that keeps on giving. After last seasons spat that saw Clayne Crawford leaving the show, now Daman Wayans has said he plans to leave just 13 episodes later.

Cannily, they just replaced the Riggs character with his brother, also named Riggs. Could the show be bold enough to bring in Murtaugh’s brother, also named Murtaugh? It’s a shame that Daman Wayans Jr is currently signed to the not-very-good (despite my hopes) Happy Together. The show could comfortably have brought him in as Murtaugh’s son, also named Murtaugh. I’d love to see a show with Wayans Jr partnered with Stifler.

Speaking of Wayans Jr, there was a great moment with him interviewed by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show yesterday. Wayans Jr is on a show that has pop star Harry Styles credited as a producer. “How involved could he really be?” was what I asked myself when I first saw the credit.

Jump to 5:35 mins for the very honest comments about Styles:

The Narnia Chronicles are coming back to the telly. Netflix are adapting the book series. But, more than that, they’ve said that they will be producing “films and shows,” which is interesting. I would assume that probably doesn’t mean spin-offs and side material as much as it means full TV series for the books that have enough material to sustain a full season, with films used for the Narnia stories that don’t quite have as much rich material to mine from.

It’s the first trailer for the Roseanne-less The Conners.

Bye Gina.

The trailer for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has dropped and it looks like great fun. I’m very keen on this one. Launches 26 October.

A very cool VR experience is coming soon - get ready to break out of the Red Room in the Black Lodge. This will launch on the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

I’m about to embed another video into today’s email. You’re right, this has been a very video heavy day. But, I couldn’t resist this one - usually when a TV series has flagging ratings, has been on for too many years, and launches a new opening title sequence, the sequence usually isn’t very good and just speaks to the decline of the show.


The new opening titles to The Walking Dead are outstanding.

Finally, let’s end today’s ABW email with some rumours about the new Star Wars TV series, namely some of the possible directors and actors involved. Oh, and Dark Horizons also suggests filming may have already started on it.