As a kid I was never really into He-Man all that much. I watched the cartoon every so often, but never had any of the action figures. My memories are much fonder of spin-off series She-Ra. Today, I couldn’t really tell you a thing about the show - it hasn’t left much of a lasting impression. I just remember that she was He-Man’s long-lost sister from another dimension and every so often there would be team-ups.

She-Ra is coming back to TV in this new animated series for Netflix. Launches 16 November. I’m not the audience for this, but it looks fine.

Speaking of He-Man and Netflix, there’s this great doco currently streaming that you should check out. The Power of Grayskull is a look at the origins of He-Man as a line of toys and the eventual cartoon series and film. What it’s really about is the birth of shameless 1980s marketing of TV directly at kids as a vehicle to sell them a whole bunch of toys. Even if, like me, you’re not much into He-Man, it’s incredibly interesting.

Fans of The Bachelor Australia are disappointed that The Bachelor decided not to choose any of the women. Can you imagine going on The Bachelor and not finding a life partner?

Flight of The Conchords is coming back to TV and the NYT has a great interview with the guys ahead of their concert film being screened on HBO.

There’s a lot of time where we’re watching YouTube clips to remember our own songs. The songs that we used to play, like, 15 years ago are just there. And we can play them straightaway. The songs we’ve played in the last five years, they don’t even exist in our memories. We have to relearn them.

The new live-action Star Wars TV series will be called The Mandalorian, which sounds dumb. Just like most Star Wars titles, I guess.

Candy Crush is now the most downloaded game ever on iOS. I do see a lot of people still playing it on the train every day. There are better games, people.

Meg Ryan is reportedly coming to TV by way of a Lorne Michaels produced comedy on NBC. It’s been so long since I’ve really seen her in anything, I admit that I don’t really remember what a Meg Ryan performance is.

Decider has a favourable review of the new Doctor Who series starring Jodie Whitaker.

On 19 October Netflix’s Daredevil is coming back. Here’s the season 3 trailer, which hints at an appearance by the villain Bullseye.


A couple of years ago DC Comics launched a comics series based on the 1966 Batman TV show. They’re now talking about doing something similar with the 1950s Adventures of Superman TV show. Hopefully they avoid the mistakes they made with the Batman 66 comic by actually making the comic look and feel like the TV show. The backgrounds need to look like sets. The action needs to look like its on a TV budget. Also, the comic should be black and white. Otherwise, what’s really the point?