It was a big weekend for me of finishing ABC TV’s Mystery Road (it’s remarkably good, even if that final episode was a little shaky), burning through the first five episodes of the BBC’s Press (not the best drama of the year, but it is incredibly good), and playing Spider-Man on the PS4.

What I haven’t done yet is seen the new Doctor Who. I’m not really much into Doctor Who. I keep trying and there are episodes I’ve really enjoyed, but I find it misses the mark a whole lot more than the other way around. I will check it out now with Chris Chibnall showrunning.

Apparently the new season opens with a death

It’s New York Comic-Con (NYCC) this weekend, which means there’s a whole lot more nerd news around than usual. Such as this reveal of the Star Trek: Discovery season 2 trailer.

Also, speaking of DISCO, CBS All Access launched the first of its Short Trek’s, which are short films based on Star Trek Discovery. If you’re outside the US and are keen to see them, you may have some problems. Netflix has the show internationally, but reportedly never took up the option on the Short Treks.

The TV series adaptation of What We Do In The Shadows was screened at NYCC. And TV Guide gave it a positive rave. Apparently Matt Berry (Toast of London) is in it, which immediately has my attention.

Australian Ninja Warrior will move from Sydney to Melbourne.

And finally…

Actor Scott Wilson, best known for The Walking Dead, has died at the age of 76.