Day two of the new email format. Apologies for yesterday’s double-send. I forgot to turn off the automation at the Always Be Watching website. That should be the last glitch in the email for a while. Let me know what you think of the new format and if you have any requests. It was suggested to me yesterday that the email would benefit with more line breaks, so I’ve given that a go - breaking up the text with line breaks and images… and a phenomenal YouTube clip from General Hospital that has to be seen to be believed.

The X-Files debuted on US TV on September 10, 1993. That’s 25 years of The X-Files in our lives. We got it here in Australia a couple of months after the US launch (to my memory it was the last week of January in 1994). The show has been through many high-points and some downright miserable low-points in its search for ‘the truth’ and assigning meaning to stories and ideas that often defied meaning.

Something I have never cared much for: James Corden. So, the popularity of Carpool Karaoke has always been particularly galling. Yesterday Apple won an Emmy for its TV spin-off of the popular Corden segment.

From being a very young kid, I have a very vague memory of my Nanna watching The Bad Seed, a movie that I presume she taped off the television. I’ve been obsessed with the film and its various remakes ever since. Will my interest go as far as the new Rob Lowe-directed remake that The AV Club savaged: “This cardboard-cutout quality extends to the dialogue scenes between the adult actors, where Lowe’s inexperience as a director really shows.”

Without question, the most bizarre thing I have seen on television is this scene from US soap General Hospital. Clearly a paid deal with KFC, Colonel Sanders comes to visit two fried chicken enthusiasts. The episode aired back in July (how the Internet didn’t erupt when this happened is baffling to me) and features the great George Hamilton as Colonel Sanders. Hamilton was, at the time, portraying Sanders in the TV commercials - they’ve since moved on to Jason Alexander.

Watching this required all of my stomach muscles as it had me laughing so hard. Credited writer Anna Theresa Cascio really made the most of this absurd moment in TV history. You’ll be wanting to watch part 2 of it HERE. And remember to stay crispy and to stay humble.

Les Moonves is one of TV’s most successful TV executives, but following allegations of sexual misconduct, he’s been shown the door. Can CBS survive without him? Life will find a way, even if the stock price took a bit of a battering.

There’s a rather strong list of the 100 Best TV Shows on TV Right Now at It’s a strong reminder that there really is a lot of great TV around and it really is impossible for the average viewer to keep on top of it all.

A few shows that I have let get passed me that continue to haunt me:

  • The Americans
  • American Horror Story
  • The Terror
  • Insecure
  • The Expanse
  • Howard’s End

Facebook has apologised for taking down nude Burt Reynolds pictures. People were just trying to grieve, Facebook!

And finally, Christiane Amanpour has officially been announced by PBS as the host of the replacement Charlie Rose chat show. We never got the Charlie Rose Show here in Australia, as far as I am aware, but I always liked the iconic black background anytime I’d see clips of the show. Amanpour won’t have a black background - nor will she have a glass desk either. I’m ok with the desk, but I enjoy interviews with people in a big black void. Outside of the US, the new show will be available on CNN International.