This past week AMC+ has launched properly in Australia. It had been available in Australia as a channel via Apple TV+ and Amazon, which means you had to subscribe within the Apple TV+ or Amazon Prime Video app exclusively and it just didn't have a home of its own. It's kind of like AMC+ was just renting a shelf in a larger shop.

Now you can download the AMC+ app and subscribe to the service for AUS$8.99 per month or $89.99 per year. For that you get access to the AMC+ library, the Shudder library (horror movies), and the Accorn TV library (British TV shows). All three services are owned by AMC and real-talk, if they weren't bundled together AMC+ wouldn't get a lot of traction - it's library would just be too small for a lot of folks to consider subscribing to it.

But here's the thing: the AMC+ library may be small, but gosh is there some really good TV streaming via the app. There may not be a lot of titles, but you'll likely find yourself satisfied by what is there. At least for a while.

To date, there haven't been any huge release titles exclusive to AMC+, but that changes this weekend with the launch of Interview With The Vampire. The show is based on the Anne Rice book, previously turned into a Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt frim back in 1994. I've seen it and had a great time with the show. It is certainly more graphic in, uh, multiple ways than the film was.

Having also seen Firebite, Dark Winds, Anna, Pantheon, and Ultra City Smiths, I have a very enthusiastic thumbs up for them all. If you're a grown-up seeking mature high concept dramas, you will be very well-served by AMC+.

As I mentioned, you do also get the Shudder and Accorn TV library. And when you mix them altogether and view the entire movie library, the larger Shudder library does overwhelm the collection. So, if horror isn't your thing, you may find that aspect of the experience a bit weird.

Here's what is on offer from AMC+ (without including the Shudder or Accorn TV content):

amc+ originals

That Dirty Black Bag
Dark Winds
Cold Courage
The Beast Must Die
Ultra City Smiths

library titles

Mad Men
The Son
Magic City
The Restaurant
Halt & Catch Fire
The Red Road
61st Street
Tales of The Walking Dead
Hell on Wheels
Turn - Washington Spies
Documentary Now
Sherman's Showcase
The Birthday Boys
Comedy Bang Bang
Slo Pitch
Gigi Does It
Remember WENN
The Dreamers
This Close
Stuck With You
Baroness Von Sketch Show
Garfunkel and Oates
Food Party
Wendy Liebman - Taller on TV
Chonda Pierce - Girl Talk
TK Kirkland - Are There Any Questions
Ron White - A Little Unprofessional


A Quiet Little Marriage
Auto Erotic
Breaking Upwards
California Dreamin' (Endless)
Dealin' with Idiots
The Imperialists Are Still Alive
Medicine For Melancholy
My Effortless Brilliance
Nights and Weekends
A Spanking in Paradise
The Baxter
The Overbrook Brothers
The Undeserved
They're Out of The Business
Rochelle Rochelle
Uncle Kent
The Headhunter's Sister
The Delicate Art Rifle
The Darien Gap
Falling Awake
Sam The Man
Pieces of April
Chi Girl


The Making of the Mob
It Couldn't Happen Here
No One Saw a Thing
The Preppy Murder
Killing For Love
The Oslo Killing
The Thin Blue Line
Cold Blooded - The Clutter Family Murders
Jonestown - Terror In The Jungle
Ministry of Evil
Mr Death
Brothers Keeper
2 Turntables and a Microphone - The Life and Death of Jam Master Jay
History of Horror
True Terror with George Takei
The Broken and The Bad
James Cameron's History of Science Fiction
Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics
Comic Book Men
Ride with Norman Reedus
Friday Night In with The Morgans
Nick Nolte - No Exit
Hip Hop - The Songs That Shook America
The Hip Hop Project
I Want My Name Back
Soulja Boy The Movie
The Industry
Dream School
The Pitch
The Writers Room
Dinner With The Band
The Mortified Sessions
Nimrod Nation
Vernon, Florida
Gates of Heaven
Radio Bikini
Amerikan Passport
Circus Kid
Sex Magic
Liberation Day
My Knees Were Jumping