Currently underway is yet another US adaptation of one of the greatest shows ever made, Peep Show. This will be the third effort to remake it, but there’s a greater spin on it this time - it’ll be gender-swapped.

I don’t really know what a gender-swap brings to Peep Show exactly, but there’s nothing about the dynamic between main characters Jez and Mark that needs to be male. So, sure. Why not.

Portlandia and Superstore writer and co-exec producer Karey Dornetto is writing the adaptation.

Source: Deadline

On Friday Australian comedian Tom Gleeson released a statement that he had quit his ABC show Hard Quiz to focus on his stand-up career. Something seemed a bit suss about it from the get-go. Come Sunday, he released a statement regarding his Gold Logie nomination that if he wins, he’ll bring his show back. It seems to be some sort of call-back to Grant Denyer winning the Gold Logie last year after the cancellation of his game show.

It just strikes me as not being all that funny a gag.

Source: TV Tonight

A new Mediaweek Australia podcast gives a state of the union on the current streaming options in the Australian market with a bit of an eye towards the disruption looming from overseas tech giants. Joining host James Manning is handsome and wise media commentator Dan Barrett (that’s me!).

If you want to hear me talk a little bit too fast, it can be listened to in the Mediaweek podcast feed (via your podcast app of choice) or at the PodcastOne website.

US sitcom AP Bio has been cancelled. There is, naturally, a Twitter campaign trying to save the show. Good luck with that.

Source: Deadline

Kelsey Grammer is out and about talking up his new potential Frasier Crane TV series. This time he spoke on UK series Lorraine where he revealed that there are six ideas currently up for contention:

That little folder is filled with six different ideas that are all in contention for what may be the new Frasier. A continuation of Frasier. They’re similar, it’s a new life, in a new city. Of course, John Mahoney died so you’d need to replace that energy, perhaps like they did on Cheers with Coach, they found Woody, who had the same kind of sensibility.

Source: Dark Horizons

Alex Cranz at Gizmodo is concerned that the launch of Disney+ will bring with it few opportunities for indie producers to produce movies. He’s also concerned that Disney+ will produce shows that are less challenging than the Marvel Netflix shows.

Perhaps Alex Cranz needs to start supporting streaming services like Mubi, Sundance, and Shudder? If people don’t put their money where there interests are, then those interests are just going to dry up.

Very few companies are producing a large percentage of what we watch, and as they consolidate the means of distribution via the internet, it’s beginning to feel like they’ve got too much power—it ends badly. And we know that because this isn’t the first time a few companies have controlled both the production and distribution of huge amounts of entertainment.

Source: Gizmodo

Netflix have a Black Mirror spin-off of sorts underway. Not written by Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, who write Black Mirror, comes a YouTube series of mini-episodes: Little Black Mirror. Made for the Latin American market, these are a way of promoting the series.

Proper Black Mirror is back on 5 June.

Source: Metro

And finally…

I was interested in checking out the new Netflix film The Perfection after a sterling review by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas at and another by Jason Bailey at the NYT.

The film is absolute trash, but in all of the best ways. With aspirations of Brian De Palma, The Perfection has a heightened visual flourish that is at its best through the first half of the film. As it settles in its location in the back-half of the film it becomes a little bit more as-expected (by that stage, the films structure and intent hold fewer surprises than the truly electric first 45 minutes), but it is a really fun, low-stakes watch. Have a drink or two on a Friday night and press play.