Apple has bought the rights to make a new series based on Peanuts. It’s not yet known when the series will debut, but Apple’s original TV production slate is expected to start rolling out properly in 2019.

Hopefully the new show will lean on the traditional 2D animated look and not so-much the (to my eye) weird-looking 3D used in 2015’s Peanuts movie.

Go inside the movie division at Netflix with this NYT feature, which examines the tension between cinema-owners and Netflix as the streamer is set to enter the Oscars race with indie darling Roma.

How big is Netflix’s movie ambitions?

Mr. Stuber’s operation is set up to supply 55 original films a year, including some with budgets as high as $200 million. Add in documentaries and animated movies, handled by other divisions, and the number of annual Netflix film releases climbs to about 90. To compare, Universal, one of Hollywood’s most prolific traditional studios, releases roughly 30 movies a year.

Beached Az is making a comeback with a new series to mark its tenth anniversary. Great news, bro!

I spent the weekend streaming a whole lot of movies that have been on my list of movies to watch, but I had not gotten around to them. My weekend of home entertainment:

  • The Apartment
  • No Way Out (Kevin Costner v Gene Hackman, with cinemas oddest ending)
  • The Man From Elysian Fields
  • Wonder Boys (I have seen this many times before)
  • First Reformed

Having now seen The Apartment, I am astonished that I have never seen it before. The film holds up tremendously well, is laugh out-loud funny, and has a great comedic performance by Jack Lemmon. If you have never seen it before, make the effort to see it over the holiday break. It might be an all-time top 10 for me.

Eliza Dushku reportedly received a $9.5 million pay-out from CBS after becoming the victim of harassment on the set of Bull, a show she was otherwise going to become a regular on.

According to Dushku, during filming, [Michael] Weatherly repeatedly subjected her to comments of a sexual nature in front of other members of the cast and crew. “Here comes legs,” Weatherly remarked when Dushku walked on set wearing a suit, according to notes taken by the law firm’s investigators. On another occasion, Dushku claimed, Weatherly said he wanted to bend her over his knee and spank her. There was also an incident in which Dushku made a gesture with three fingers, and in response, Weatherly joked that she wanted to have a threesome with another male cast member.

The Night Manager season 2 is moving ahead, but it won’t include director Susanne Bier:

“I just got worried that I would repeat myself or do something which wasn’t as great, but I think somebody else is going to do an amazing job out of it.”

She did, however, confirm that she will be involved in the production for the BBC and US broadcaster. “I will read and I will engage, but I think as a director, I think it’s better if somebody else does it.”

Comedy Central has cancelled Another Period, a series that I didn’t actually realise is still being made. This follows last weeks cancellation of Detroiters. This begs the question: What are Comedy Central even airing nowadays?

In addition to Broad City, which will run its final season soon, there’s The Daily Show, Tosh.0, and… uh….?

Disney Channel fired its 48 year-old Andi Mack star Stoney Westmoreland after he attempted to organise sex with a 13 year-old.

Colin Kroll, co-founder and CEO of daily trivia game HQ, was found dead from a suspected overdose.

It will be interesting to see what sort of an impact this has on HQ, which, in its continued efforts to become less fun, has diversified recently to include a daily word game.

I did some soul-searching last night and published this via Twitter:

Indiewire takes a look back at the 00s Battlestar Galactica, which debuted the mini-series that launched the show 15 years ago.

I’m very curious as to how the show holds up today - it was politically bold at the time, but does it still resonate?

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25 years after his death, Frank Zappa is returning to the stage in a brand new holographic stage show. In 1974, Zappa, a futurist, filmed a private performance for the express purpose of it being used for holograms. Wild!

Nintendo is discontinuing the NES Classic and SNES Classic video game consoles. It seems Nintendo realised that they could make more money from their classic games if the machines were internet-enabled, thereby allowing them to sell more games.

Animated feature Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is looking to rake in $35-42 million in its opening weekend. I mention this only because I figure at this time of the year people may be looking for a fun movie to check out at the cinemas and I don’t think I’ve had more fun at the movies this year than I did with Spidey. I gave it a 4/5 star review over at SBS Movies.

And that’s it from me for now. But tomorrow there will be more. Oh yes.