It’s a late and short ABW newsletter from me today. I landed this morning in Japan (my first time) after an overnight flight. While the movie collection from airline ANA was a bit weak, it did have Before Sunrise and The Third Man, which kept me happy.

After navigating the train system, I am in my hotel lobby getting across the big Apple news of the day:

APPLE TV Plans announced

We knew it was coming and today Tim Apple revealed everything. Well, everything except the price. This is what you need to know:

  • The service will be called Apple TV Plus. Catchy name.
  • It will exist in a similar way to Amazon Prime Video and Netflix in that it will have a mix of library content from third party providers and original series (and movies).
  • The service will be made available in a newly redesigned Apple TV app. This app will also be made available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV devices, and multiple smart TV platforms.
  • It will be made available internationally with 100+ countries mooted.
  • Apple will also mirror Amazon’s Channels products by allowing users to subscribe to third-party services with content appearing in the TV app. Apple TV Channels.

Twilight Zone reboot teaser trailers are now online:

And finally…

Hollywood agents don’t just take 10% from clients. They also package deals and take a cut off the top when clients completely cut them out of creating their own package deals.