The Good Fight has been renewed for a fourth season.

Being on CBS All Access, I often fear that its largest possible audience will never see the show. So, what sort of longevity could it have? I’m heartened to see that the announcement was for a fourth season and not a ‘fourth and final’ season.

Seven seasons and a movie?

Source: The AV Club

David Milch has today revealed that he has Alzheimer’s.

“As best I understand it, which is minimally, I have a deterioration in the organization of my brain,” he told Vulture. “And it’s progressive. And in some ways discouraging. In more than some ways — in every way I can think of.”

Source: Deadline

Today the soon-to-be billion dollar movie Avengers: Endgame is released into cinemas. I’ll be checking it out after work and it’ll be discussed in this week’s Always Be Watching podcast. It’s over a whopping three hours, but rest assured, you won’t also need to sit through the credits for any post-credits sequence. The film breaks with Marvel tradition and doesn’t have one.

That still won’t stop me from sitting through them…. just in case…

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Reece Witherspoon has a new Netflix series debuting May 24 called What/If.

A good question over at Vox from Aja Romano: Will Arya steal the face of a white walker in Game of Thrones. Aja makes a compelling argument for it:

’Cause that would rule.

Source: Vox

Disney has confirmed that controversial title Song of The South will not be included in the Disney+ catalogue. It isn’t much of a surprise, with the company refusing to issue the film on home media for decades now due to material in it that is deemed racially insensitive.

I’ve long thought that films like this shouldn’t be hidden away, but rather there is value in releasing them along with content that brings context to the film. Recently though, my thinking has shifted: Is there really any value in bringing films like this to home video? Surely it would be better if Disney made the film available to publicly accessible offline film archives (in universities, film schools, etc) where it can be watched by viewers who are likely more inclined to watch the film with the appropriate understanding of context and not everyday viewers who are seeking it out more as an entertainment than as a film text.

Source: Dark Horizons

Congratulations to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who last year pocketed $302 million. That’s almost double what he brought home in 2017.

When he looks back at how little money he made even a year ago, he must be so embarrassed…

Source: Axios

And finally…

In my recent holiday to Japan, I discovered just how strong the desire is to play with pets as I witnessed a variety of cafes in which patrons can pay to play with cats, dogs, owls, hedgehogs, and other animals.

So, it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a stronger market for Konrad The Kitten than you’d otherwise expect. You can play with Konrad in VR, building up Konrad energy levels in a similar way to the manner we did back in the olden days with Tamagotchi’s. Players will be able to unlock up to nine different cats in the game.