Might I start the week out on a positive note: Last night saw the debut of new Australian comedy ‘Upright’ on Foxtel. Starring Tim Minchin, its a road trip comedy about an unlikely pairing. It’s a very easy-to-watch, laugh-out-loud comedy. Make an effort to check it out - every episode is streaming now via Foxtel, with episodes broadcast weekly on Fox Showcase.

With its strong female empowerment themes, Frozen 2 broke a box office record in the US this weekend with $123 million over the Thanksgiving weekend. Could it be that strong female empowerment themes aren’t the box office poison certain op-ed writers are trying to talk them up to be?

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Also, Knives Out scored $41 million in its opening weekend (that, like the Frozen figures, are just US domestic box office figures). Pretty strong opening - this is where I now suggest that you check it out at the cinema if you haven’t already. It’s an incredibly fun popcorn whodunnit film. Don’t let, what I thought was, a poor to middling trailer put you off the film.

Happy 30th anniversary National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

Source: Screencrush

He’s outperforming every US Democratic Presidential nominee in terms of social media heat. Baby Yoda is out-trending them all.

This is per Axios, who goes on to explain why they think it matters.

Source: Axios

And finally…

Australia’s home renovation/lifestyle Friday night variety show The Living Room has been cancelled by Channel Ten. The network insists the stars of the show will be back with a new show in 2020. Could the TV network just be moving production in-house as a possible cost-saving measure?

Source: TV Tonight