US streaming propaganda service Fox Nation will launch a Sean Hannity show from 30 Jan. It will be a video version of the daily monologue he offers on his national radio talk show.

Viacom, which makes its money through an increasingly less-relevant linear cable TV model with channels including MTV and Comedy Central, has just purchased streaming service Pluto TV for $340 million. It is a good fit for Viacom’s business, with the Pluto TV service offering TV-like streaming linear channels in a more digitally-friendly manner.

Suits will conclude with its 9th season. I’m just hoping that they finally reveal why the show is named that.

Conan O’Brien returned with his new-look show - here’s the first few minutes of it.

Gone is the suit, but I’d expected the monologue gone too. At least it wasn’t a politics-driven monologue. That has never been Coco’s strong suit.

Uproxx has a solid piece thinking through what the new-format means for the show going forward.

Hulu is dropping the cost of its lowest-cost ad-supported service to $5.99 per month from $7.99 per month.

And finally…

Fandom encourages all sorts of weird behaviour. But, how far is too far? Would you, for example, consider going to the funeral of your favourite celebrities dead father?

19 year-old YouTube stars Ethan and Grayson Dolan have had to tell fans to keep their distance after several started making plans to attend.

Think that seems a little gross? Take a read of this SDFLMP info posted online. Then take a really long, shower while you despair for your fellow man.