Lock away your bananas, Axel Foley is back. Eddie Murphy will star in a fourth Beverly Hills Cop film. But before you start lining up in wait outside your local cinema, know that this film will be going straight to Netflix.

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Netflix To Produce Beverly Hills Cop 4

Season 7 of Brooklyn Nine Nine hasn’t yet debuted, but the cast and crew of the show have been informed that the show will continue on for an eighth season.

Netflix is on the offensive this week as it swats away Disney+. Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos has talked down the threat of Disney+:

“We’ve been competing with Disney and all these other folks who are coming into this from the beginning.” Despite different delivery forms in the past, it’s “the exact same players, the exact same content… so nothing really changes.”

But, here’s the thing to remember: Netflix measures its success by the number of minutes watched by its customers. A successful platform like Disney+ will have an impact on that viewing time at Netflix - viewers can’t just create more time to watch TV. Netflix take a death blow from Disney+, but it does take a minor hit. And when HBO Max comes online. And Peacock. Those are services that will eat even further into Netflix’s viewing minutes.

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Netflix also dropped another trailer for its huge budget Michael Bay film 6 Underground.

And finally…

In-between writing and directing his recent film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino wrote a play and five episodes of a TV show. And that TV show: It’s Bounty Law starring Rick Dalton.

Surely Tarantino wouldn’t make a TV series of Bounty Law starring Leo DiCaprio… would he?

“Right now I’m writing a book and I’m hoping that I’ll be finished in three months.” Tarantino told the BAFTA audience. “So the idea will be hopefully by March maybe I’ll be finished with the book — and then, theoretically, maybe I’ll do the play, and then theoretically I’ll do the TV show, and then by that point I’ll be thinking maybe what I’ll do for the 10th movie.

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