Blade Runner is coming to TV as an anime series. The only surprise here is that it has taken this long to happen. It will be named Blade Runner - Black Lotus and will run for 13 half-hour episodes. The series will be set midway between the two live action films in the year 2032 and will include some characters from the films.

Adult Swim have the worldwide rights (excluding Asia) to distribute the English dubbed version, while streaming will be looked after by Crunchyroll. Both companies are divisions of WarnerMedia.

I remember Bobbie Phillips from two key roles. The first being a role in The X-Files in 1996. She played a bug expert, Dr Bambi, in a comedic episode War of The Coprophages. Then, that same year I noticed her playing a pivotal role in the first season of Murder One. The only other time I recall seeing her on screen was in a short recurring role on Two Guys, A Girl, and A Pizza Place. She made an impression and every so often I’ve wondered why she never really became a bigger deal.

Part of the reason, it seems, is that she was emotionally traumatised after an alleged sexual assault by Les Moonves. The New York Times report on the incident and Moonves efforts to cover it up is phenomenal. It’s messy, horrible, and incredibly illuminating. Put aside half an hour and give the article the time it deserves.

This year Judge Judy is the highest paid TV host in the world, having sold her Judge Judy library of episodes for $100 million, while adding her standard $47 million paycheck for making the show to her earnings.

Runaways season 2 returns on 21 December on Hulu.

We watch so much of our video content now over mobile phones that the space between public and private viewing is becoming increasingly blurred. Case in point: Starbucks are now putting a filter on their in-store wifi to stop its customers watching pornography. The wowsers.

Colbert has accused Donald Trump of stealing a comedy bit of his and says he plans to lawyer up.

Continuing with US late night, Conan O’Brien has rented a family to laugh at his jokes in Japan for his new TBS special Conan In Japan.

New York label Barking Irons now has a line of clothing inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2.

Barking Irons’ Red Dead Redemption 2 line consists of a handful of clothing staples that draw inspiration from protagonist Arthur Morgan. For example, there’s a waxed cotton Gunslinger’s Jacket ($250, pictured above) that’s printed with Arthur’s name in the collar and “Van Der Linde Gang” on the interior. The collection also includes three button-up shirt: a denim chore shirt in indigo ($150), a blue striped shirt ($120) and a navy striped shirt ($120). The shirts include a mix of accents, including “A. Morgan” collar prints, embroidery featuring the Rockstar logo and a printed Rockstar insignia. A bone-white henley shirt ($92) rounds out the apparel collection.

The brand also has three bags on offer as part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 collection: a field tan saddle bag ($180) made of the same waxed cotton as the jacket, a canvas tote bag ($75) and a twill cotton duffel bag ($320).

The Andy Serkis film Mowgli was on-sold from Warner Bros to Netflix and will have its debut on 7 December. The Atlantic’s David Sims panned it, calling it bland.

Without Disney’s loose structure of songs and misadventures, Mowgli is formless, going through the motions of a hero’s journey as the boy trains, fights, and overcomes his enemies. Serkis includes more bloody violence to emphasize the brutality of life in the jungle, but The Jungle Book is, at its core, a whimsical story with talking animals. Scene after scene of wolves convening to discuss tribal bylaws and bare their teeth at each other is not so much intriguingly realistic as it is plainly dull.

The New York Times Glenn Kenny was more favorable.

And finally…

Ice-T addresses why he had never previously eaten a bagel.

(Apologies for posting a Fallon clip. I will endeavor to not do so again).