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That Borat sequel I mentioned yesterday that didn’t have an official announcement? While it is still not officially announced, there are details.

Borat: Gift Of Pornographic Monkey To Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence To Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation Of Kazakhstan will debut on Amazon Prime Video ahead of election day. Apparently it is important to be released before election day, which indicates to me that the film has a political focus (in line with Sacha Baron Cohen’s series Who Is America).

Source: Deadline

Sacha Baron Cohen spotted filming as Borat

The most important TV event of the year. No, really.

HBO/Sky Atlantic drama The Third Day is doing something really wild this weekend. You need to pay attention to this - it’s really something special.

If you don’t know The Third Day, this is a drama series starring Jude Law about a man who arrives on a small island just barely off the coast of the UK where he finds a whole bunch of crazy AF behaviour going on. People wandering the forests in masks, small animals cut open, etc. But the people are nice enough for him to hang out with at the local pub and get blindingly drunk with. The show is very much The Wicker Man meets Midsommar. It has so far been pretty great.

The Third Day Release Date and Trailer for Jude Law HBO Mystery Series |  Den of Geek

What you need to know about this show is that it is 6 episodes. The first three (“Summer”) focus on Jude Law, while the second three (“Winter”) focus on Naomie Harris as another visitor to the island. But there is a TV event that takes place in the middle of it that is what makes this show really unique.

The Third Day Trailer: Jude Law, Naomie Harris Share an Island on HBO |  Collider

This Saturday there will be a 12-hour live streaming event that bridges the two halves of the series, but stands as an event in its own right. Through the first half of the series there has been mentions of a music festival being hosted on the island. My assumption is that the 12-hour live event is that festival - titled “Autumn”.

From the official media release:

For viewers who seek more of THE THIRD DAY, "Autumn" will allow them to be immersed in the world of the show on the island of Osea. A unique live event broadcast online, "Autumn" serves as a bridge between the three episodes of "Summer" and the three episodes of "Winter" while not being requisite for enjoying the limited series. Featuring members of The Third Day cast including Jude Law and Katherine Waterston, viewers will follow the events of a single day in real time. Florence Welch will also feature in an acting role.

This streams on HBO's Facebook page with streaming beginning at 1:30am PT/4:30am ET on Saturday morning (for Australians, this is Sat night starting at 6:30pm). After the initial broadcast, viewers will be able to replay the event in its entirety on HBO's Facebook page.

Read more: TheFutonCritic

[FYI for Australian readers of ABW, the show isn’t airing locally (I’m actually not sure how accessible this event stream will be via Facebook either - will it be geo-locked?). But, this is one of those shows where I recommend maybe stepping outside of legit channels and find a way to watch it.]

The lion roars again

A sequel to the quasi photo-real The Lion King is in the works with director Barry Jenkins. One presumes that the sequel won’t be a quasi photo-real remake of any of the direct to video sequels to the animated Lion King.

Source: Variety

The Lion King 2019: Review

A gadget for your ears, Mr Bond

This week see’s the debut of a promotional podcast exploring the legacy of James Bond ahead of the release of the Bond movie No Time To Die. While this is confirmation of nothing, it does suggest that the plan is still to release the film in November. We’ll see…

Speaking of Podcasts…

Sarah Silverman is launching her first podcast with Kast Media, a company that release podcasts in tandem with a YouTube video version of the same show.

Yet another podcast story. This one about Batman.

Coming to Spotify in 2021 is an original podcast produced in conjunction with DC Comics. Batman Unburied will be written by David S Goyer. Booooo! (Really, he sucks).

Source: The AV Club

Spotify's first exclusive DC Comics podcast, Batman Unburied, explores  Bruce Wayne's psychology - The Verge

TeeVee Snacks

  • Joey King will star in a Netflix movie based on the book Uglies. McG will direct. The book is about a world where everyone has cosmetic surgery at age 16 to all look conventionally attractive. Source: Deadline
  • Fox News sure do love using the word ‘hate’. Source: Niemanlab
  • Mark Gordon Pictures is making a TV series out of Fistful of Dollars. The company has also acquired rights to Yojimbo, the Kurosawa film Dollars remade (it was practically shot-for shot, only in the old west. Source: Deadline
  • SNL’s Sam Jay is getting a weekly late night show on HBO. Source: Deadline
  • Mr Robot creator Sam Esmail has sold two TV series to the US ABC network. Source: Deadline

Trailer Park

Netflix has given us the first look at Gillian Anderson as Thatcher and Emma Corrin as Diana in the new season of The Crown, which returns November 15.

Vampires vs The Bronx debuts on Netflix on Oct 2.

November 20 is the release date for Marvel 616 on Disney+.

El Desafío: ETA debuts on Amazon Prime Video Oct 30.

The Craft: Legacy debuts on premium VOD on Oct 28. An international release is expected in some international territories. Not sure about Australia…

Netflix film Holidate stars Emma Roberts and is coming soon.

Octonauts & The Great Barrier Reef debuts on Netflix Oct 13.

What’s next?