Breaking Bad prequel series Better Call Saul is finishing up with the next season of the show, which will link the story of Saul Goodman from his own show to the start of Breaking Bad. To do that, at some stage in this final season fans will be able to see Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprise their characters.

The news was announced during a Payleyfest panel chat.

‘Better Call Saul’ Team on Crafting Final Season, Navigating Bob Odenkirk’s On-Set Heart Attack
At PaleyFest, the cast and co-creator Peter Gould teased what’s ahead in season six as Odenkirk thanked fans for their support after the scary moment last summer: “That will resonate with me for the rest of my life.”

Prepping Moonlighting for a return

Iconic TV series Moonlighting was available for a time on out-of-print DVDs, with the original music re-licenced. But DVD is a bit old-hat now and there's an audience hungering for the show to be available on streaming. Especially right now as everyone is talking about Bruce Willis' career following his recently-announced retirement.

As evidenced by the DVDs, a release is possible. Plus the series is owned by ABC and, in turn, by parent company Disney), so it isn't a huge leap to suggest the show would easily find a home on Hulu/Disney+/Star. So, what is holding it up?

Disney just needs to pay money for that music licensing again.

Series creator Glenn Gordon Caron:

"With all the attention that Bruce has been getting, hopefully one good thing that might come out of it is we can reinitiate the conversation with Disney about releasing the streaming rights," he muses. "It's hard for me to understand why we can't find a way to make it work. Peacock is now streaming Miami Vice, so clearly somebody has figured it out."
Everybody’s talking about Bruce Willis, so why can’t we watch ‘Moonlighting’?
In the wake of Bruce Willis’ retirement from acting, it’s more essential than ever that ‘Moonlighting’ finds a home on streaming.

Prepping the viewers for a letdown

Frasier fans are no doubt enthused about plans by Kelsey Grammar to bring Frasier Crane back to TV (it is in development for Paramount+). Grammar has been vocal about plans to get the cast of Frasier back together for the show, but in recent months the language surrounding the show has shifted. It sounds like the plan now is to do with Frasier what they did when transitioning him from Cheers to his own show: set him up with an entirely new situation. And I'm very much on board for that.

Here's David Hyde Pierce on his possible (unlikely) return:

“It’s happening,” the actor said. “But I don’t know in what form, and I don’t know when, so I don’t know where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing. I’m certainly interested to see what they come up with.”

‘I’m completely devoted to one person’: David Hyde Pierce on love, death and the Frasier reboot
Nearly 30 years since he wowed the world as Niles in Frasier, David Hyde Pierce has been lured back to TV as chef Julia Child’s adoring husband. He talks about food, sex – and whether he’ll soon be reuniting with Kelsey Grammer

Julie Delpy's On The Verge cancelled by Netflix

When Netflix launched a TV series from Julie Delpy, I was absolutely there for it. As a huge fan of the Before series of films (Sunrise, Sunset, Midnight), and her 2 Days In films (Paris, New York), I wanted to see what she was doing in the world of serialised TV.

After just one season, Netflix has killed the show. It was mercy.

Julie Delpy Says Netflix & Canal+ Have Canceled Her Comedy Series ‘On The Verge’ After One Season
The comedy series On the Verge has been canceled by Netflix and Canal+ after one season, according to its creator and star, Julie Delpy. Delpy broke the news today in the comments section of one of…

TeeVee Snacks

  • If you are one of the people wise-enough to heed my advice and watch The Afterparty on Apple TV+, you might be interested to know that a number of cast members from season one will appear in season two. Read: Variety
  • Kate Winslet will co-star opposite her actor daughter Mia Threapleton in an episode of UK anthology series I Am Ruth. Read: Deadline
  • SWAT has been rnewed for a sixth season. Read: CBS
  • The Warner Bros Discovery merger is a done deal. Staff for the combined company will be turning up to work in the next 24-hours. Read: THR
  • The US Dancing With The Stars will move to Disney+ (leaving broadcast network ABC) with episodes streaming live. Read: Deadline

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