There's a rumour floating about that incoming/returning Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies is after Hugh Grant to star as the new Doctor.

Once you get past the idea that it is ridiculous, it actually starts to make a bit of sense. Mind you, I don't think this is likely. But also... could it be?

The story comes by way of UK newspaper The Mirror:

The insider said: “The vision is that the show can be a Marvel-like product, building franchises around the Doctor and other key characters in his many lives.”

With Sony Pictures Television buying a majority stake in Bad Wolf Productions, the idea of investing in Doctor Who to create a shared universe set of shows makes a lot of sense in the current media environment. And to make that sort of investment, a big name star goes a long way to really show the world that they're serious in terms of ambition. Bad Wolf, interestingly, filed for a new production company subsidiary called Whoniverse1 Ltd back in November.

That all tracks. But... Hugh Grant...?

Hugh Grant did star in Russell T Davies A Very English Scandal, so the two do have a recent working history together. And as seen by the fact Grant starred as the villain in Paddington 2, it's not as if the actor is averse to starring in children-orientated fare.

Tell me now that this doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I think I need to hear it, because right now I legit think that Hugh Grant may well be the new Doctor Who.

Hugh Grant tipped to be new Doctor Who in ‘Marvel-style makeover’ for hit show
The actor first played the Doctor in a 1999 Comic Relief sketch but turned the role down when he was asked by writer Russell T Davies when the show was rebooted in 2007

How I Met Your Father

US daytime talk show Maury is concluding after 31 years of cheaters, out-of-control teenagers, and paternity tests.

The show launched back in 1991 as part of the 90s boom in outrageous daytime talk shows. It may never have had the global notoriety of, say, The Jerry Springer Show, or the class of Oprah, but Maury was a staple of daytime. It concludes with the 83 year-old host Maury Povich seeking retirement.

“Maury and I decided two years ago that this season would be the farewell season for the show, and while his retirement is bittersweet, we are so happy for him to be able to spend more time on the golf course,” Tracie Wilson, EVP, NBCUniversal Syndication Studios, said in a statement to Deadline. “Maury is a television icon, a pop culture legend and we couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of his incredible career.”
‘Maury’ To End After Three Decades: NBCUniversal Confirms Host’s “Bittersweet” Retirement – Update
UPDATE SUNDAY AM: NBCUniversal on Sunday confirmed that its daytime syndicated talk show Maury will be wrapping with the current season, saying that it was a mutual decision between the studio and …

HBO clip on badges for True Detective 4

HBO is moving ahead with a fourth series of True Detective in the most unexpected of ways. Gone is writer Nic Pizzolatto (he'll be a name-only producer), in his place is writer Issa Lopez under producer Barry Jenkins. Not known is whether Jenkins will direct any of the new series, to be titled True Detective: Night Country.

All very interesting, but not as interesting as Jenkins supposedly reviving the Steven Soderbergh series The Knick for HBO. I'd like to hear some news updates on that...

‘True Detective’ Season 4 in the Works at HBO With Barry Jenkins
The potential season, dubbed ’Night Country, is in early development and being penned by Issa Lopez.

Someone at DC Comics screwed up

The way it works on a comic book movie is that the actors, who have never been interested at all in reading comics, will say that they always loved the characters and that they did their research reading a large pile of comics given to them by the director.

That's the line given to media with all of these movies. It is the natural order of things.

But then came news over the weekend that The Batman star Paul Dano will be writing a three-part comic prequel about his villainous character The Riddler. Not just pretending to have read the books, but WRITING...?

This isn't how this is supposed to go. Somebody messed up the narrative big time.

‘The Batman’ Star Paul Dano to Write Comic Book About the Riddler
After his memorable turn as Edward Nashton in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” Paul Dano will be delving into the iconic villain’s origins with a new comic book: “Riddler: Y…

TeeVee Snacks

  • Shaun Micallef will return to Channel 10 in Australia as host of Shaun Micallef's Brain Eisteddfod - a teen trivia game show. Read: TV Tonight
  • Christopher Lloyd will guest star on The Mandalorian in season 3. Read: THR
  • JJ Abrams is reportedly producing a U2 biography show for Netflix. Read: The AV Club
  • French police have arrested seven people in a recent robbery from the set of French thief series Lupin. Read: Variety
  • Is Ken Jennings about to take over as host of Jeopardy! full-time? Speculation heats up as he leaves s3 of The Chase. Read: Decider
  • Basic Instinct at 30. Read: The New York Times
  • Is Minx leading the way on penis parity in Hollywood? Read: Vanity Fair

Trailer Park

Tekken: Bloodline debuts on Netflix later this year.

Tomorrow debuts on Netflix April 2.

Made half-human and half-spirit by accident, a young man is employed by a company of grim reapers in the underworld to carry out special missions.

The Thaw debuts on HBO Max April 1.

Set in Szczecin, Poland, the series begins after the body of a young woman is discovered under the melting ice.

That's it for today. More newsletter tomorrow.