Internet video king Vic Berger IV produced a short doco explaining why F**Jerry is awful. Naturally, the media company weren’t happy about it, so issued a take-down request to YouTube - ironically citing copyright concerns. The video still lives at Vimeo, so maybe watch it while you still can.

Modern Family will end with season 11. I’m by no means a viewer of the show (the pilot episode was fine, but I never got past that). But, I think it’s great that a mainstream sitcom like that has lasted as long as it has - it’s by no means offensive to good taste and worse things have lasted longer.

Netflix will drop a new dating reality show in time for Valentine’s Day. From the trailer alone, I really like the way this is shot, using a floating camera approach to give it a more cinematic look than your usual reality show.

I’ve liked what I’ve seen of the Warner Bros format show First Dates, which has hidden cameras filming blind dates - it’s incredibly honest in a way that I feel a heavily produced show like this simply can never be. If Dating Around can capture a sense of the honesty, emotion, and personal investment of a real date, Netflix might have something great here.

The co-star on MacGyver George Eads has left the show, but set to replace him is Levy Tran, from The Haunting of Hill House. She is initially on-board as a recurring character, but CBS has the option to bump her up to a regular in season 4 if the character works out.

One of my favourite Super Nintendo games from back in the day was the original Bubsy game (it’s sequel was a trash fire). A new Bubsy game is due this coming April to the Nintendo Switch and other game platforms

Will the Apple TV streaming service be free? Rémy Numa has done the analysis and says yes.

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Are you interested in celebrating each of the death scenes from Russian Doll? Vulture has you covered with this 22-death listicle.

And finally…

The low-ratings for Fox’s Rent “live” musical has put the kybosh on a planned May live staging of the musical Hair as the network re-evaluates its live stage show strategy. I was curious to know how NBC would have broadcast the stage show, well-known for involving a bit of nudity. Now we will never know…