This weekend will be owned by Disney announcements thanks to its corporate-run ‘fan’ convention D23. Finishing just 30 minutes ago was its 2-hour presentation for Disney+, with the soon-to-launch streaming service building hype for its launch with trailers and footage from its launch shows and movies, along with news and information about other shows and movies in the pipeline.

Tomorrow, Disney will do the same with its film titles, so expect announcements regarding its Marvel and Star Wars properties then. But, to be honest, all eyes are on the Disney+ launch right now. And while the new Star Wars show The Mandalorian was the most eagerly-awaited announcement (we all assumed a trailer would be screened), Disney surprised and delighted fans with some great news involving Marvel show casting and an unexpected announcement about Lizzie McGuire returning.

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It is not often that such a large-scale entertainment offering like this is launched, so that’s why I have this dedicated ABW newsletter today for you on the Disney+ promotional event. Member of the ABW Facebook group Eddie Ngaluafe today asked: “How are they pumping out this much content!?” It’s not like Disney are new at creating content. But to add this many additional hours of high profile branded shows in the first year of a new service is actually really impressive.

But it began with a sizzle reel for the library of older catalogue titles that Disney will offer from launch:

Star Wars

Disney has delivered the thing everyone has been waiting for. A trailer for The Mandalorian.

There was also some pretty big news: Ewan McGregor on stage confirming that he will be back as Obi-Wan Kenobi in a new series.

It was also announced that every Star Wars film will be added within the first year. That’s cool, but I would genuinely be excited to see a few of the lower-profile mis-steps added, like Ewoks: Caravan of Courage and Ewoks: Battle For Endor. I’m genuine in this desire.


There were three yet-to-be announced (re: confirmed) TV shows that were announced on stage: Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight.

Added to the cast of Falcon and The Winter Soldier  is Emily Van Camp as Sharon Carter and Wyatt Russell as John Walker (AKA US Agent).

More interesting was the greater detail on WandaVision. It sounds creatively interesting as it was described on stage much in the vein of a sitcom with wacky neighbors. Joining the cast for it is Kat Dennings (reprising her role from Thor), Randall Park (reprising his Ant Man and The Wasp character), and Kathryn Hahn.

Oh, and Harley Atwell will be one of the voices on the animated What If…? series, which will present alternate reality takes on the Marvel characters. Such as: What If… Peggy Carter became Captain America?

Marvel Unveils New Disney Series Details

With Disney+ expected to be releasing original series weekly, this is actually reaching the stage where there might very well be a new Marvel TV episode every week. And I’m sure it won’t be too long until the Star Wars universe starts with a similar offering.

Marvel series:
Falcon and The Winter Soldier
What If...?
Ms Marvel
She Hulk
Moon Knight

Other Content

The big announcement of the day (re: the thing I was most interested in) was the announcement of a new Lizzie McGuire show. This was a show that was on TV a lot in my early 20s and I found myself watching it far too often. It was genuinely very funny.

The show is coming back. Original series creator Terri Minsky is on board with Hillary Duff returning as Lizzie. The new show will have Duff in her 30s, but will keep the animated version of her as a teen providing commentary.

And then there were some trailers:

Lady & The Tramp

High School Musical: The Series