Disney+ gives us what we want: More Sam Jackson

The thing with Disney+ and its many IP brands is that they really don’t have to overthink things too much. If at a meeting a Marvel exec asks: “What Marvel TV shows should we make?” and at the top of the list is a Nick Fury TV show starring Samuel L Jackson, well, the smart move is just to go and make that show.

Which is what they are doing.

Kyle Bradstreet will serve as writer on the series.

The series hasn’t been confirmed yet. With the recent cancellation of Stumptown, it does open up Cobie Smulders to revisit her role as Maria Hill.

Source: Variety

2020 delivers the best news

This year hasn’t been so great. Pretty sure we can all agree on that. I’m also sure that we can all agree that it is great news to hear that James Cameron has finished filming all of the live-action of Avatar 2 and is closing in on filming Avatar 3 from the NZ set.

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Avatar 2 Live Action Shoot Is Complete

Yuko Takeuchi dead at age 40

Actor Yuki Takeuchi was found in her Tokyo home. An investigation by police has not had a cause of death confirmed, but media are reporting that she took her own life. Takeuchi starred as the female Sherlock Holmes in the HBO co-production Miss Sherlock.

Read: Deadline

TeeVee Snacks

  • US series Joe Exotic, starring Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin, will film in Queensland. This is part of a three-series deal signed between the Qld State Govt and NBCU. The other shows are Young Rock and Irreverent. Source: Mediaweek
  • Shep Smith Speaks. Source: NYT
  • Sandman begins shooting in three weeks. Source: Neil Gaiman’s Twitter
  • Lisa Edelstein has joined the cast of 9-1-1: Lone Star playing the ex-wife of the character played by Rob Lowe. This will be a quasi-reunion of the two with Edelstein playing his season one love interest on The West Wing. Source: Deadline

Father of The Bride (Part 3-ish)

That Father of The Bride reunion special? You can watch it here:

Writer Nancy Myers has written an essay about making this half-hour special. Read: NYT

Trailer Park

Just a thought television marketers. (Almost) Every day I run a column called Trailer Park. Every day I find myself adding a whole bunch of Netflix trailers and the occasional other thing. Yes, Netflix have a LARGE volume of content. But also… so many TV networks don’t put much emphasis at all on trailers. Some shows (particularly in the UK) don’t even have trailers at all. The result: Everything viewers are looking forward to has a Netflix brand attachment. No wonder it is hard to get them to spend more time using other platforms…

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness debuts on Netflix in 2021.

A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting debuts on Netflix Oct 15.

Someone Has To Die debuts on Netflix Oct 16.

Transformers: War For Cybertron: Earthrise debuts soon on Netflix.

The Worst Witch debuts on Netflix Oct 1.

Lupin debuts on Netflix in January.

What’s next?