The High Fidelity reboot launches in a week and a half. I’ve mentioned it in the newsletter before, but I was a bit concerned that High Fidelity, which is very much a male-perspective film about the obsessive guys that work in a record store, didn’t really make a whole lot of sense with its gender-flip take.

The trailer put me at ease a bit on it, but this review from Inkoo Kang at The Hollywood Reporter completely narrows in on this issue with a fairly scathing review:

…the announcement of a gender-flipped High Fidelity reboot, starring Zoe Kravitz as record store owner Rob, to speak generously, a head-scratcher. The syndromes that the book and the film diagnosed aren't exclusive to men, but they're by and large male phenomena — there's a reason why The Simpsons' Comic Book Guy is a guy, and why The Police's stalker ballad "Every Breath You Take" (another frequently misunderstood rebuke of male menace) is more potent when sung by a male singer. Consider the fact that the film begins with a soliloquy about teenagers "listening to thousands… of songs about broken hearts and rejection and pain and misery and loss," and you can't escape the subtext that Rob's objectification of the women in his life is at least partly influenced by pop music's history of male crooners and songwriters getting to dictate the terms of love and heartbreak and the blame therein, who have themselves been bolstered by an industry that has historically preferred male voices and points of view.
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During the Super Bowl yesterday Disney dropped this teaser of its upcoming Marvel shows on Disney+. Wandavision looking the most distinctive and interesting.

I’ve never bought a Panasonic TV. I guess it’s something people do… but not enough of them as Panasonic is pulling out of the TV market in Australia.

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And finally…

Disney bought the movie production of the stage show Hamilton for a cool $75 million. Two weeks before the original cast of Hamilton finished, director Tommy Kail filmed the production across three performances, along with some setup shots without the audience.

The experience of watching it filmed this way will be very similar to the Netflix recording of the stage show American Son, starring Kerry Washington.

Source: Deadline

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