Young Disney actor Cameron Boyce has died at the age of 20 due to an ongoing medical issue. The actor had featured in its series of movies The Descendants and TV show Jessie.

Source: Deadline

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Disney has won Hollywood. No other studios have had anywhere near the almost-guaranteed success that Disney has had at the box office this year.

Buzzfeed has a really good long-read about how Disney turned around its movie strategy over the past seven years and has become so dominant at a time where it has been disastrous for other studios.

“It feels like audiences are making appointments to go to these super event movies [from Disney], and everything else in between is suffering,” the top exec said. “The handoff kind of went from Endgame to Aladdin, and is probably going to go from Aladdin to Toy Story 4, and from Toy Story 4 to The Lion King.

Part of the issue is simply that Disney’s franchise movies are, on balance, just better — the average Rotten Tomatoes score for the company’s releases in 2019 are a full 15 points higher than the next-better studio.

Source: Buzzfeed

And speaking of Disney’s dominance - there’s a new trailer for Mulan out today.

In Australia commercial broadcast TV networks cannot play M-rated movies at 7:30pm, which apparently is frustrating enough that they’re getting creative. Channel 9 went as far as to air Casino Royale in two-parts, with part one at 7:30pm rated PG and the second half from 8:30pm rated M. To make this legit, they aired a bumper advising viewers to come back for part 2 after the break and aired some credits.

Which, as I understand it, is exactly how the filmmakers wanted the film to be seen…

Source: TV Tonight

Last week there was a list of Australia’s best comedies. 90s iconic current affairs news parody Frontline came out at number one. The wonderful cynics over at Australian Tumbleweeds have questioned the list and placing Frontline at number one.

Saying Frontline is Australia’s greatest comedy doesn’t start a discussion, it ends it. Nobody today watches Frontline – shit, it’s a show about the media that predates the internet and is about an Australia that a): has current affairs television and b): has male hosts of current affairs television, so rest assured it’s probably not as “timeless” as it’s claimed to be – but everyone knows it’s quality television. So why not say it’s the all-time best comedy to come from this country?

Source: Australian Tumbleweeds

The daily mobile trivia game show HQ has laid off 20% of its staff as it moves towards its inevitable closure. Also, they’re shifting to a subscription model asking users to cough up $9.99 a month. End of times.

I loyally played HQ for most of its time on earth, but deleted the app back in April when Scott Rogowski was hired for a TV hosting gig and the service wouldn’t let him say goodbye on the show. That seemed like poor form to me and was indicative of the biggest problem HQ has: It never valued talent. So many of the hosts were terrible and it seemed obvious few of them were given much, if any, training. Inept hosts are a bug, not a feature.

Source: TechCrunch

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In a sign that Netflix is growing up, Ted Sarandos has reportedly told staff to be smarter and more strategic about its big investments. Apparently the lukewarm interest in the middling Triple Frontier (that was the movie where Ben Affleck & Co stole a bunch of money and threw a goat off the side of a mountain) was one of the big investments cited as being wasteful.

Source: Dark Horizons

And finally…

An embarrassing moment for Fox News as the pro-Trump network filmed a sports-wrap from this rowdy pub in which French locals had a decidedly negative feeling about Trump that they wanted to share…