If, like me, you’ve spent all weekend knitting Baby Yoda’s for your Etsy store, know that Disney is coming after you. A number of Etsy sellers have found their Mando baby products have been delisted by the site. If you want to support these craftspeople, you’ll now have to search for “The Baby Child” and other similar names.

Source: The Verge

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is plotting her next TV series. She’s just signed a deal with Apple TV+, which will be where her next show will be. Her deal is for projects she will produce, but also for projects she wants to star in.

Source: Variety

Apple TV+ has unveiled its first UK commission withe the Rafe Spall/Imelda Staunton series Trying. It’ll debut May 1.

Source: Deadline


Also in Apple TV+ news, there is now a launch date for its Amazing Stories reboot: March 6. A trailer, one would assume, is coming soon.

Source: Deadline

Amazing Stories (Courtesy of Apple)

New Walking Dead spin-off The Walking Dead: World Beyond is not planned as an ongoing series. Instead, it will be a 20-episode show told over two seasons. This makes all the sense in the world to me - nobody needs every Walking Dead series to be a continued nihilistic story which reboots its interests every few seasons. Shorter run complete stories using The Walking Dead brand is actually kind-of appealing to this long-lapsed viewer.

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And finally…

We end today with this TV Line gallery listicle (sorry) of 30 TV shows that were cancelled which have since revealed what would have happened in subsequent seasons had they continued.

Now you can die knowing what would probably have happened in season 2 of The Mysteries of Laura.

Source: TV Line

Cancelled The Mysteries of Laura Spoilers