Yesterday's announcement that Michael Fishman, best known (only known?) for playing DJ Conner on Roseanne since he was a little kid, was leaving reboot spin-off show The Conners seemed a little odd. More details emerged today.

Fishman got fired from the show. He says:

I was told I would not be returning for season 5...

Brutal. Apparently he appeared in 36 of the 71 episodes to date. You can read his classy exit statement at Deadline:

Michael Fishman Addresses ‘The Conners’ Exit, Says He Was Told He Would Not Be Returning
Michael Fishman says he was told he would not be returning to ABC’s The Conners for the show’s fifth season, he revealed following the news of his exit on Monday. Fishman portrayed the …

Huge viewership for Game of Thrones: House of The Dragon

Hot D viewership is pretty much at where viewership was for the original series, which is impressive. Positive word of mouth helped the show rack up approx 25 million viewers in the US for the first episode. What I was interested in seeing is how episode 2 went - would there me much of a switch-off factor once viewers had sampled the new show? Not at all. In fact viewership on the night of broadcast was up 2% on episode one.

This is a bona fide TV hit, folks.

‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 2 Viewership Inches Up 2% From Last Week’s Premiere Episode
Episode 2 of “House of the Dragon” drew in 10.2 million viewers across HBO and HBO Max following its Sunday airing, according to Warner Bros. Discovery. This marks a 2% increase from th…
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Movie Rainbow debuts on Netflix Sept 30. It is loosely inspired by The Wizard of Oz.

Here's the trailer for the Australian version of reality show The Real Love Boat. It airs on 10 later this year. A US version was filmed on the boat at the same time. That debuts Oct 5.

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