TV audiences love Mark Harmon. *I* love Mark Harmon. I'm sure you do too. He's one of the reasons why NCIS started out immediately as a hit show and has remained that way ever since. The show is one of the world's most-watched series. So, when Mark Harmon indicated that he wanted to leave the show, CBS considered just cancelling the series.

But Mark Harmon is a good guy. He didn't want to see people working on the show fired just because he wanted out. So he agreed to stick around. According to TV Line, Harmon has agreed to be in a limited number of episodes this season:

One insider close to the CBS procedural reveals of Harmon’s Season 19 episode count: “It’s going to be in the low single digits.” Another source says the actor will make only “a few” appearances throughout the season.

Today, it appears that CBS' post-Mark Harmon plan is taking shape with the hiring of Gary Cole as a regular.

TV audiences love Gary Cole. *I* love Gary Cole.

Unlike Harmon, Cole has never been the face of a hit TV show (St Elsewhere, Reasonable Doubts), but he's been a constant presence across TV and film for over 30 years - well-liked from roles in Veep, The Good Wife, The Good Fight, Family Guy, Office Space, Dodgeball, American Gothic, The West Wing, Suits, The Brady Bunch movies, Chicago Fire, and more. People don't necessarily know Gary Cole by name, but they absolutely know who he is by face.

Cole will play Special Agent Park. No further details are being released about his character. They're not publicly calling his character a replacement for Mark Harmon (why risk giving longtime viewers a reason to exit along with Harmon), but with Gary Cole leading the show for the majority of episodes this season, it's pretty clear what is going on here.

‘NCIS’ Adds Gary Cole & Katrina Law For Season 19 As Mark Harmon Scales Back & Emily Wickersham Exits CBS Drama
CBS’ venerable drama series NCIS is adding two new series regular cast members for the upcoming 19th season, Gary Cole and Katrina Law. Cole will play a new character, FBI Special Agent Alden…

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