Elizabeth Banks’ production company and Warner Bros Entertainment are teaming up to produce a new series based on The Flintstones. Fingers crossed that they take a look at the recent comic book series published by DC Comics, which did a great job of updating The Flintstones with genuinely funny satirical examinations of marriage equality and Fred’s lingering PTSD issues.

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Stewart The Corgi, the 13 year-old performer who portrayed Captain Holt’s dog Cheddar on Brooklyn Nine Nine has passed away.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cheddar

Michael Schulman at the New Yorker wrote about the pilgrimage made by fans of the show Friends to 90 Bedford Street. It’s in the West Village and every day attracts people taking selfies of the exterior of the Friends apartment building. Schulman, obviously not quite understanding that people feel a connection to pop culture and there’s a real kick one gets seeing pop cultural landmarks out in the real world, went out to discover why people are interested enough to take photos. He surmises something about loneliness.

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I’m not much of a Friends fan (it’s fine…), but when I was in New York, I took this picture early on a Sunday morning:

Nielsen has released its recorded viewership of Stranger Things 3. It reports higher viewing for episode one than the final episode of Game of Thrones.

Over the four-day July 4th weekend, the first episode of Stranger Things 3 has 19.2 million U.S. viewers in the average minute, up from the season two premiere, which had 17.7 million viewers.

On the first day it was released, episode one drew 8.9 million U.S. viewers, up from 7.7 million viewers for season two. On the same day, each of the next three episodes had at least 3.6 million viewers.
For a comparison to a hit show on traditional TV, Nielsen said that the finale episode of HBO's Game of Thrones drew 15.8 million viewers in live plus seven day ratings.

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ABW Podcast

This week on the Always Be Watching podcast, Dan & Chris had a chat about the new Spidey movie Spider-Man: Far From Home, Bob’s Burgers, and Stranger Things 3.

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