The 2019 (71st) Emmy Awards nominations were announced this morning. You can find a full list of nominations at every entertainment website on the planet this morning, but I have the Vanity Fair list in my tab open, so maybe read the list HERE.

HBO’s Game of Thrones - 32 nominations
Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (20)
HBO’s Chernobyl (19)
NBC’s Saturday Night Live (18)
HBO’s Barry (17)
FX’s Fosse/Verdon (17)
Netflix’s When They See Us (16).

HBO vs Netflix?
HBO 137 noms
Netflix 117 noms
Read more: Deadline

My main thoughts:

  • Game of Thrones will win the best drama series - The show may have had some backlash over narrative choices, but the production itself was technically bold and bigger than anything we’ve seen a production achieve to date.
  • It is OUTRAGEOUS to me that Amazon series Homecoming wasn’t nominated for Best Drama. It wouldn’t win against GoT, but that show was incredible.
  • And come on… Julia Roberts!
  • It is an honor just to be nominated. Don’t expect many surprises in who wins - Game of Thrones will win drama categories, Veep will win comedy categories, nobody will beat Julia Louise Dreyfus.
  • It seems like in the mid 00s US network TV became so obsessed with the idea that they couldn’t compete with the maturity of cable dramas that it just gave up. Which is weird, because having been rewatching 90s dramas like ER and The X-Files recently, I can’t help but feel that if they put some money behind creators with genuinely adult, compelling dramas again, they could get back into the Emmy race.

And for some quirky trivia: With its nomination for Bodyguard, the BBC received its first Emmy nomination in almost 50 years.

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Quentin Tarantino is curating a series of movies from the 60s to be broadcast on TV as part of the promotional push for his new movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

The films are:

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969; director: Paul Mazursky)
Cactus Flower (1969; director: Gene Saks)
Easy Rider (1969; director: Dennis Hopper)
Model Shop (1969; director: Jacques Demy)
Battle of the Coral Sea (1959; director: Paul Wendkos)
Getting Straight (1970; director: Richard Rush)
The Wrecking Crew (1968; director: Phil Karlson)
Hammerhead (1968; director: David Miller)
Gunman’s Walk (1958; director: Phil Karlson)
Arizona Raiders (1965; director: William Witney)

The films will air on the Sony Channel in the US and internationally: Australia (SBS), Canada (Bell), France (OCS), Italy (Rai), Japan (The Cinema) and New Zealand (SKY NZ).

Source: Deadline

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If you want to believe the lie that man stood on the moon 50 years ago (any real student of history knows it was filmed on a soundstage by Kubrick), this year marks its anniversary.

You can experience ‘recreations’ of the ‘moon landing’ and other space activity through VR.

Source: Road To VR

And finally…