One of the more messed up aspects of day-to-day American life (speaking from the perspective of an Australian where we have a decent publicly-supported healthcare system) is that everyday people's healthcare is generally tied up with their employment. As such, if you are a woman who requires a medical procedure like an abortion, you need to run it through your employer's health care policies.

Progressive US media entertainment companies have been quick to step up to ensure staff that they will be supported - even those that will need to now travel interstate to be able to get the procedure.

You can find details about what companies like Paramount, Disney, and Netflix are providing their employees in terms of support at the Variety article below. Notably:

Netflix said it offers employees and their dependents up to $10,000 in travel reimbursement for cancer treatment, transplants, gender affirming care, or abortion through its plan, while Warner Bros. Discovery said it has expanded its healthcare benefits to cover employees who must go to other states to access abortion and reproductive care.

Most of the companies are all offering similar access. It's a complicated issue for HR departments for a number of reasons politically/culturally as they deal with staff across the country. But from a logistical standpoint, to provide healthcare access and support to their staff, allowances need to be provided for cross-country, interstate travel.

What I am going to be interested in seeing is what Fox will do for its staff. As we have seen in recent years throughout the pandemic, this is a company that every day broadcasts all manner of harmful messaging on air via Fox News that it doesn't practice in day-to-day employment within its corporate offices. While Fox was saying no to masks, it had much of its workforce remote working or in offices wearing masks and socially distanced.

More companies have issued statements since the below Variety article was published, but it gives a good indication as to the complexity of what is being offered and why.

Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Meta and More Media Companies to Cover Employee Travel Costs for Abortions After Roe v. Wade Overturned
Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Comcast, Warner Bros. Discovery, Sony, Meta and several major media and entertainment companies said they will cover travel costs for employees seeking abortions after t…
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