Stranger Things creators The Duffer Brothers are headed to court over claims they stole the idea for the show from another filmmaker.

Charlie Kessler is the creator of the short film Montauk, which is about a missing boy, a nearby military base conducting experiments on children, and a monster from another dimension that looks like a toy.

Filmmaker Kessler claimed in his initial April 2, 2018 filing that he pitched the concept to the Duffers four years beforehand at a Tribeca Film Festival party. The Montauk director also asserted that he later handed over “the script, ideas, story and film” to the brother and that they allegedly used that material develop Stranger Things.

Based off this article alone, it really does sound like Kessler has a case.

Source: Deadline

Mike Myers has a new TV deal with Netflix for a six-episode series in which he’ll play multiple characters.

Source: CNN

There is one character I’d like to see him bring back…

Conan Without Border: Australia airs in the US today on TBS.

Meanwhile, Conan O’Brien also has a day in court looming with the culmination of a four-year lawsuit accusing him and his show of joke thievery. Personally, I’m not sure who would want to take credit for any of Conan’s monologues…

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Today DC Universe released this teaser for upcoming series Swamp Thing.

This on the same day that word has broken that the show has had an episode count reduced from 13 to 10 episodes. I’d suggest this likely has more to do with a lack of confidence in the show than it does DC Universe trimming the episode order due to back-room issues regarding WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming service.

Strong, buzzy content is a heavily sought-after commodity and one would think that a stellar Swamp Thing series could certainly be that.

Source: SyFy Wire

And finally…

Full House and Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin is suing one of the producers on the show for waging a campaign to see Franklin fired from Fuller House, which he was.

“Motivated by a secret hatred of Franklin and hoping to take his place someday as showrunner, Behar concocted a plan to compile unflattering and distasteful information about Franklin that was either fabricated or twisted versions of events and presented it first to the media and then to Warner Brothers in an effort to get Franklin thrown off Fuller House,” the jury trial seeking suit adds (read it here).

Source: Deadline