There is a horror reimagining of the classic TV show Fantasy Island out in cinemas next month. And I am absolutely there for it. Don’t expect to see Tattoo on the big screen though… which is a shame.

Netflix has laid off 15 people from its marketing department. The streamer is going to put less emphasis on marketing specific shows as much as they are marketing the service more broadly.

I really think the biggest problem Netflix has it that each week there is a whole bunch of shows and movies, but most viewers only discover them on platform. They don’t really have a life or any awareness outside of the Netflix UI. The Netflix social and email marketing strategies do nothing of value when it comes to raising awareness about what is new and interesting each week.

Let’s see if that changes under the new strategy.

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Comic book fans know that the Green Arrow character in the 70s famously teamed up with Green Lantern to travel across the US to discover the ‘real America’. It was a comic series that matured superhero comics considerably with the two encountering social issues to do with racism and drug abuse.

It was progressive, challenging material.

Cut to the 2010s and there’s the TV show Arrow. A show that in no way has ever been as progressive or challenging as the Green Arrow comics. With that in mind, it is interesting to see that the series finale of Arrow has a not-insignificant link to bring Green Lantern into it with one of the series regulars given the Green Lantern power ring. No, don’t expect a spin-off. This seems to just be a nod.

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Meanwhile, as Arrow limped towards its final episode, ratings started to tank badly. The final episode didn’t see them lift.

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Is the world interested in seeing Lethal Weapon 5? Wanting to watch Mel Gibson isn’t high on a lot of viewers wish lists, but I’ll admit that I would be happy enough to see one more film with these guys. I’ve always liked the Lethal Weapon films (even if they each got progressively less good), but would probably be happier with a reboot of the franchise at this point.

Something to note: Danny Glover was 41 when playing the ready for retirement Roger Murtaugh in the first film. He celebrates his 50th birthday in that film and declares himself too old for that guff.

So, if Murtaugh is 50 in 1987, does that really mean we’re watching an action film starring a character who will be probably 85 by the time this film is released?

Anyway… it appears that a fifth film is in the works. A confirmation/official announcement is likely on the horizon.

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And finally…

Speaking of movies. If you’re looking for me, try the cinema on July 24. That’s the release date for the new Wes Anderson picture The French Dispatch.

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