The first teaser for HBO’s upcoming Perry Mason TV series has been revealed. The show is based on the book series written by Erle Stanley Gardner. Gardner wrote 82 Perry Mason books, many were adapted into episodes of the Perry Mason TV show.

New streaming service Peacock is set to launch in the US. It is NBC trying out it’s own branded streamer, but with strong cable TV ties the network will be creating a deep link between cable TV and this new service. When it launches, Peacock will only be available to Comcast Xfinity cable subscribers. Later in the year, from July 15, the service will go wider with Peacock opened up to everyone (everyone in the US, that is). There will be three versions available to subscribe to:

  • A free, ad-supported version.
  • Peacock Premium with ads for $5 a month. This will have everything the free version has, but with a much deeper library of older TV shows and movies.
  • Peacock Premium without ads. This is what it says on the tin.
The Xfinity preview of Peacock won’t launch with much new content, but instead concentrate a vast library of titles including episodes of 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and Frasier (The Office won’t be available till later). The new titles coming in this preview period are mostly kid-friendly animated series, such as new episodes of Curious George and all-new series Where’s Waldo? and Cleopatra in Space. Peacock Premium, the paid version of Peacock with bonus features such as exclusive next-day access to currently airing shows, will also feature episodes of currently airing series such as Law & Order: SVU, Blindspot, and Chicago P.D. To Xfinity customers, Peacock Premium is free; when Peacock debuts to the general public in July, it will cost $4.99 a month with ads and $9.99 with no ads.

Read more about the launch: Polygon

[Of course, if there are any Comcast subscribers reading this who can help me out with a login, please drop me a line by replying to this email.]

the peacock interface

The Eddy is a new Netflix series from Whiplash / La La Land director Damien Chazelle. It’s a musical drama set in the jazz world of modern-day Paris and stars Andre Holland. I’m keen to check this out when it debuts on May 8.

There’s an interesting-sounding doco landing on Netflix next week. Circus of Books is about Karen and Barry Mason, a straight, mainstream couple. They sent their kids to a religious school and never talked about work with friends and family. What was that work? For 35 years they ran the gay porn shop Circus of Books and were the biggest distributors of LGBT porn in America. The doco also delves into why Karen acted so negatively when one of her three kids came out.

Interesting stuff. You can see it on Netflix from April 22.

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