The first proper trailer for the upcoming Twilight Zone TV series is now ready for you:

Did you go and see the big sci-fi smash hit film playing in cinemas? It’s the biggest film in the world right now. No, not Alita Battle Angel. I’m talking about The Wandering Earth - it is past $600 million at the box office and climbing. Oh, and Netflix just bought global streaming rights.

Interested in two GREAT podcast chats that really get to the heart of the big streaming media issues of the moment? Both are courtesy of Recode.

First is Karen Swisher talking with media baron Barry Diller about the future of streaming, Netflix, and how the industry has changed forever. The big takeaway: Traditionally media companies buy up new platforms and approaches to media, but for the first time Hollywood is contracting while the new platforms are eating it from outside.

The second is a chat with AT&T/Warner Media chief Randall Stephens. I’m always impressed with Stephens when he’s talking about media (all the more impressive considering they only bought into it last year). The guy gets it.

Both have transcripts, but I think listening to the audio is worth your time. If you dig this newsletter, both interviews are well worth your time.

The Halo TV show from Showtime is still happening. Otto Bathurst (director of the recent Robin Hood film and of the infamous Black Mirror episode The National Anthem) will direct the series pilot. Kyle Killen is showrunning.

Peter Tork of The Monkees has died at the age of 77.

This is a fun, but incredibly morbid clip from The Monkees TV show to watch considering the news:

And finally…

I don’t know if you have heard this story about Jussie Smollett (*cough* *cough*), but apparently he staged his hate crime in a bid to raise his profile and income. It’s a terrible story for all sorts of reasons.