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The long-in-development Frasier series has been given the greenlight by Paramount+. It is expected to have a first season run of approx 10 episodes and will take the Frasier character to a new city with a new cast of characters to surround himself with.

Just as when Frasier moved to Seattle and the show found excuses for most of the Cheers characters to make guest appearances in the early seasons of Frasier (really... these Boston characters would never visit Seattle in their lives, lets be real), the prior Frasier cast are expected to make occasional appearances in the new show.

It is a smart move not picking up the show with any of the previous Frasier cast. The character of Frasier is adaptive, changing to fit in with his environment and social circle. It will be more interesting to see what a new version of Frasier the character could look like rather than reprise that same Frasier from the 11 years of his own sitcom.

‘Frasier’ Sequel Starring Kelsey Grammer Picked Up To Series At Paramount+
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Art vs commerce

Rob Schneider's modern day masterpiece The Animal has a direct to streaming sequel in the works for ad-supported streamer Tubi.

While one appreciates that Tubi has corporate interests and needs to appease financial backers by increasing viewership, audience, minutes watched, etc, it is great to see that the Fox-owned streamer was willing to put the money of the business aside in pursuit of art. Bravo. I cannot wait to see how Rob Schneider will fill our souls with his upcoming artistic endeavor.

‘The Animal’ Sequel Starring & Directed By Rob Schneider Nears Greenlight By Tubi
EXCLUSIVE: More than two decades after The Animal was released, the Rob Schneider comedy movie is getting a sequel on Fox’s AVOD platform Tubi. Schneider is back and will reprise his starring…

David & Maddie news incoming

Moonlighting creator (and recent Bull-workplace-terror) Glenn Gordon Caron has tweeted out that there is some pretty major news incoming on Wednesday (US time) re: Moonlighting.

As I'm sure you're well aware, Caron created the series which ran just 67 episodes. Hugely popular, the show imploded due to behind the scenes tension between the series stars Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. Until, well, I guess Wednesday, the show has been thought impossible to release on streaming platforms. It contained a lot of music that hadn't been cleared for use beyond the initial broadcast and Caron refused to let it be sold to streaming without the original music.

So, one assumes that the hurdles have been hurdled and the show is ready for you to press play on, promptly fall asleep to, and then back track through your confused memory of what you did see of it and didn't the night before.

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Unsolved Mysteries returns to Netflix Oct 18.

The Problem with Jon Stewart returns to Apple TV+ Oct 7.

Florence Pugh stars in Netflix movie The Wonder. It debuts Nov 16.

Blue's Big City Adventure launches on Paramount+ Nov 18.

That's all the news that was fit to print. Until tomorrow, dudes.